Fifth personality: they are the manor “unlucky”, on-line more than three years, but no gold skin

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Hello, everyone! This is the channel of Fun Youjun. I’m glad to share information about fifth personality with you!I believe that many players know that the skin schedule of characters in the current manor is really strange, some characters clearly have a lot of skin, but the official is still persistent to give them skin.There are some characters who have clearly been without skin for a long time, and the authorities have chosen to go blind, regardless of the feelings of their fans.Let’s focus on these poor characters this time!They were the real “hapless ones” on the farm, more than three years on the line without a single piece of gold.Seriously, these fans who persist in their love of uncool characters are amazing, so what’s going on?Let’s follow the fun you to watch it, patience, you will harvest!So far we’ve made a list of all the survivals’ golden skins, and it turns out to be a bit off-balance, especially for the less popular characters.There are two characters who have been in the house for more than three years, but they don’t have golden skin.One of the first role is poor lucky, this role early popularity is relatively high, especially the maid outfit left a very deep impression on people, later with the decline in popularity, lucky became a tool, only when there is no suitable role will be on the top.The other role is the lawyer, if the lucky is not skilled, so no skin is understandable, but the lawyer really should not, these two people are really unlucky in the manor.In fact, in addition to the two unfortunate characters mentioned above, there are also some characters who are very awkward, although they have skin, but also only one style.There are so many characters, let’s just click on the names, like the vanguard, the philanthropist, the magician, the adventurer, the cowboy and the wildling.Adventurer is really too miserable, the only golden skin was officially taken over as a stepping stone, which also let many adventurer fans quit the pit, this wave is really strength to discourage.On the other hand, there are some characters who also enter the manor, but because of their high popularity, they get mixed up.For example, priests, prophets, dancers and perfumers all fall into this category, and their popularity is really enviable. Almost every time there is a good skin schedule, they are the first ones to be considered.To be honest, we can understand the official idea, but we also hate the official to become the current situation, really too utilitarian!We think the official solution could be to give more gold skin to unscheduled characters in the manor.In fact, with the official ability to make these skins, it is not difficult for them to design the skin.In this way, you can directly throw your skin into the mall and let your favorite players choose to buy it. It feels like there is no risk. As long as you do not add treasure, there will be no KPI failure.Q: Do you feel these characters have a chance to get golden skin later on?Welcome to communicate with us!