Hexi District to carry out Lantern Festival food safety special inspection

2022-04-23 0 By

In order to create a safe consumer environment, in recent days, the district market supervision bureau organized law enforcement personnel to carry out the Lantern Festival food safety special inspection.The inspection of yuanxiao and frozen dumplings and other hot holiday food as the focus, the inspection coverage of the bridge road, the old city, Guifa Xiang and other brands of Yuanxiao now make now sell links and Holili, Tianjin paradise, supermarkets and other frozen dumplings involved in the sales field.In the inspection, law enforcement officers looked at the food materials purchase channels, the demand for tickets, finished products and commodity storage environment and employees’ health certificates, and some employees wearing hair caps in the process of processing is not standardized behavior, ordered on-site correction.At the same time, the law enforcement officers also inspected the implementation of the food safety system of supermarkets, strictly investigated risks and hidden dangers, urged the food practitioners to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety, and comprehensively strengthened the investigation of food safety risks and comprehensive management of food safety hidden dangers.In the next step, Hexi District will continue to strengthen the supervision of food safety in the market, strictly implement the “four strictest” requirements, and make every effort to protect the people’s “tongue of safety”.Reporter: Manrui Feng Li