One day, mom will be old

2022-04-23 0 By

Went up the daughter of high school, more hair dia.Every time I call, the long sound of a “mom ~ mom”, will let me feel that any spoil too much, very enjoy her dependence on me.Perhaps it is because she is used to the comfort of home, and her daughter does not adapt to the accommodation. Most of her jokes are about how to eat and sleep badly, or how homesick she is.But when I come back every week and look at the numbers zooming up on the scale, I cannot believe that this is what suffering is supposed to look like.It’s true that homework is difficult, but being a parent doesn’t help much.Only care about life and psychology, try to make it happy, learning things, as far as possible, not add pressure.I will just silently put the following book within her sight.24 hours a week, happy and sad.As soon as I got home, I was already planning my departure.Now meet is the weekend, until the university, only winter and summer.Until one day, they walk in a hurry, and we watch, just so they can stop and look back.Parents and children, always together days are numbered after all.Really want time to pass slowly, don’t grow up so fast.Unfortunately, don’t worry about the day, always the fastest.So, hug as often as you can.Kids will eventually grow up, and one day, mom will be old.