Our country’s first foreign war, Lin Biao under the tiger, let the enemy’s first general lose face

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“Hanzhong drive tiger tongtianbing, live up to the name of the eternal tiger.”It is the first time since the founding of our country to fight against the United States and aid Korea, which not only defended the territorial sovereignty of the country, but also played the dignity and prestige of the Chinese nation, and laid the status of our country in the international.The battle of our country sent a total of 27 troops, among them to Lin Biao under the performance of the “three tigers” the most brilliant.They are respectively by Lin Biao crown “thousand year army” title 38 army, known as invincible attack invincible “constant victory army” namely 39 army.There was also the 40th Army, known as the Whirlwind Force.The 40th Army was even more successful than its two brothers.His commander was general Wen Yucheng, who was awarded the rank of lieutenant general after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and was often referred to as “little tiger”.Wen Yucheng was born in a peasant family in Xingguo County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. At that time, the economic situation at home was not optimistic. From time to time, there were local snakes coming to oppress the people.When he joined the Communist Youth League of China at the age of 15, Wen vowed to save the country from disaster by his actions, and has been active in revolutionary movements ever since.The following year Wen became a member of the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants.Thus began his military career, at that time he participated in the Red Army many battles, the most admirable is that at the age of 16, he also followed the large troops to complete the long March of 25,000 li.Wen Yucheng won recognition on the organization with firm revolutionary confidence all the way.In addition to the Long March, our party against Chiang Kai-shek’s five “counter-encirclement and suppression” war can also see wen Yucheng’s figure.The cruel war is giving birth to this young red Army soldier, let him from an unknown little soldier, all the way to grow into a rare talent in our army.During the Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese militarist aggressors ran amuck on our land. Wen Yucheng responded to the party’s call and led the troops to resolutely crack down on the arrogance of the Japanese army.”Iron foot division” “justice will defeat evil”, under the support of the people of the whole country, our army gradually stood firm, from the beginning of guerrilla warfare gradually evolved to fight with the Japanese in front of the battlefield.After paying countless blood, the War of Resistance against Japanese aggression finally ended with the unconditional surrender of Japanese people.During the war of liberation, Wen Yucheng commanded the independent battalion of 3000 people in the first battle of panshi City, defeated the enemy of a fortified battalion.At the same time, stationed in hailong City twenty-first division rushed to run, Wen Yucheng learned that after the department of hot pursuit.All the way to kill the enemy threw down helmets and armour, and finally by the rapid march in the town of Shuanggou surrounded the enemy 21 division of the remnants of their arms and surrender.This war let Wen Yucheng’s reputation in our army thoroughly started, he also won the title of “iron foot division commander”.During the Tianjin campaign, Wen Yucheng commanded the 34th division to avoid the enemy’s machine gun bunker, with the help of the cover of the terrain to touch the enemy’s eyes, and then ordered all the soldiers to jump up from the open to the enemy launched a charge.The 34th Division swept all the fighting points along the way like a strong wind, and finally the army broke into the city and took the position in the south of the city at one fell swish. This assault operation alone captured more than 4000 enemy people, which can be described as outstanding combat achievements.New China was established, Wen Yucheng’s achievements are in the eyes of the party and the state, in recognition of his heroic performance in the battle, wen Yucheng was awarded the rank of general of the Republic.The peace that Wen Yucheng looks forward to all the time arrives finally, he thought next oneself task is to devote oneself to the construction of the country originally, did not think to fight the United States to aid Korea campaign broke out, just live two days of good day he had to lift steel gun to set foot on the battlefield again.The outbreak of the campaign to resist the United States and aid Korea can not be seen from the traditional political pattern, the fuse of this campaign had been buried as early as the late Qing Dynasty.The lethargy and incompetence of the Qing government at that time gave the invaders hope of invasion.Among them, Japan did not directly step on the land of the Qing Dynasty like other countries, but held the butcher’s knife high over the Korean Peninsula.Soon the Korean Peninsula was colonized by Japanese militarist invaders.During World War II, Japan used it as a springboard to send a steady stream of soldiers to fight within its borders.Later, the Axis powers retreated, the United States and the Soviet Union turned their focus to the Asian battlefield, so that the Japanese army still cowered on the Korean Peninsula suffered a devastating blow.After the Defeat of the Japanese army, the Korean Peninsula was still under the control of the fate of the people, the whole peninsula was divided in two, the United States and the Soviet Union half of the country.The new regimes that the two sides supported were born: North and South Korea.Both sides want to recover the other’s territory to complete the reunification, so many conflicts broke out, gradually evolved into hatred.The Soviet Union and North Korea were the first to lose their nerve, launching a lightning attack on South Korea without a declaration of war.When South Korea is about to perish, the Americans made a move, arrogant Americans also took the opportunity to burn the flames of war to our country’s head, brazenly hit the shells to our border areas.If nothing is done, our country will be the theater of the next great war.As the war approached, our government, mindful of the importance of the larger picture, decided to send troops to aid The North Koreans, to suppress the arrogance of the Americans, and to let them know that China’s majesty should not be violated.The army quickly assembled in the country, Marshal Lin Biao was ordered to go into battle, he kissed some capable men, including General Wen Yucheng.As a command, Wen Yucheng led the 40th army took the lead across the Yalu River to aid the Korean People’s Army.As the first batch of volunteers to aid north, Wen Yucheng’s burden is not heavy.According to the strategic deployment at that time, the first army into the North must establish a defensive line in Tokugawa and other places, resolutely block the attack of the allied forces, while standing firm and opening the door for the subsequent army.However, wen Yucheng did not expect that the speed of the allied forces should be consistent with them, the two sides almost reached the battlefield at the same time.In the final analysis, the allied forces are too greedy and aggressive, one after another good news has gone to their heads, the United States and South Korea allied forces think that the recovery of Korea is just a matter of time, the sooner the attack the sooner to enjoy victory.Because of this, they pushed all the way, without a long rest.War seems to burn to the eyebrows of our army, in the face of such a situation Wen Yucheng immediately reported to the organization.Peng Dehuai personally to Wen Yucheng ordered, ordered the fortieth army as a vanguard, this into the first World War must play the style of Chinese soldiers to, be sure to choke out the Arrogance of the Americans.At the same time to do a good job paving the way for the large army.Wen Yucheng received orders and all the soldiers rushed into the pre-war preparations, Wen Yucheng thought his opponent would be the Americans, did not want to is the South Korean army.Although the two equipment is the same, but the combat quality is one sky and one underground.The South Korean army took the achievements made by the Americans as its own and rushed to the front to show off.Firing the first shot right now they have stepped into the encircle of our army, for the threat around arrogant Korean army unaware.Perhaps hungry from their long march, the Korean troops stopped halfway and set up a cauldron under our guns.This scene made our soldiers full of confusion, difficult to the Korean army on this road cooking pot not?Then, to our surprise, the South Korean army actually made a meal, several POTS are boiling fragrant dog hot pot.But sadly, they’ll just have to watch.With the order, the South Korean army only heard gunfire from all sides like exploding beans, and from time to time there are grenades around the explosion of their own people.The Korean army was blindsided by the sudden ambush.But they soon gained their footing, and then attacked our position like a madman.It seemed to them that the Korean People’s Army was ambushing them, but this time they were wrong, very wrong.After a brief encounter, the South Korean army discovered the mistake. It was clearly Chinese volunteers fighting against them, not the Korean People’s Army at all.Unfortunately, he noticed too late, a deadly bullet through the Neck of the Korean army, blood instantly raised more than a meter high.This was seen all over the battlefield, with a large number of South Korean troops turning and running when they sensed something was wrong.The battle lasted for three hours, killing one South Korean infantry battalion and one accompanying artillery battalion, and killing, wounding and capturing a total of 485 enemy soldiers.Wen Yucheng stood in his position and watched the red-faced soldiers raise their arms and shout: “Long live the volunteers!”Then the roar broke out, so overwhelming that even the dust on the ground trembled slightly.This battle began to fight against the United States to aid the first shot, laid the foundation for the victory of the campaign.Chairman MAO highly praised Wen’s performance and designated October 25, the day of their victory, as the “Anniversary of the volunteers going abroad”.A whirlwind!A whirlwind!The subsequent battle plan also follows, wen Yucheng commands the task of the 40 army is responsible for annihilating the sixth Division of the Korean army, cut off the contact of the enemy’s eastern front, and block the eastern front and the American eighth Army reserve to the western front rescue.Look be like simple task actual action rises however arduous, Peng Dehuai seeks Wen Yucheng, gave him a heavy burden, he should have the aid of wen Yucheng at hand “cyclone army” tear open enemy’s defense line, achieve the purpose of cutting battlefield.Peng dehuai asked Wen Yucheng to block the contact between the sixth Division of the Korean Army and the 24th Us Division, and then shut out the 1st Marine Division, known as the trump card of the US army, and finally resist the reinforcements by himself.Wen’s plan for this order was simple and crude: to crush the Sixth Division of the Korean army.The position held by the sixth Division was mount Hua Yue, which was indeed difficult to defend and attack, and it could be said that the 40th Army could only succeed in this battle, not fail.The sixth Division’s Chang Du-young and Wen Yu-sung can be said to be old enemies, the two sides fought many times, each time let Zhang Du-young escaped, Wen Yu-sung to his bones, he was determined to eat the sixth Division in this battle.Dubbed the no. 1 player in South Korea, this time, he was replenished with reinforcements and the number of men he was defending soared to 12,000.In addition, they are the most well-equipped troops in the South Korean military, with numerous automatic fire and heavy and light artillery, as well as aircraft that are ready to support them 24 hours a day.With such strength, Chang’s chin rose to the sky for a moment, and he even boasted, “It’s wishful thinking for volunteers to live like him!”But he soon regretted saying it.As the battle began, Wen Yucheng command troops to form a feint appearance, the other side of the main forces to outflank.It happened that the 20th Army was passing by the Korean line. The angry soldiers slapped the 19th Regiment and ran right past them.The 19th was taken aback until it was realized that the 20th corps was just passing by.Before they breathe a sigh of relief, the bad news hit, the Korean army was the 2nd regiment of our army around after the attack, heavy losses almost complete annihilation.Chang du-young heard the report of the 19th regiment quickly let them evacuate the position.Then there was the comical scene, with the Koreans in front trying desperately to escape, and the 118th division of my 40th Army frantically circling back to intercept them.This frightened the Korean soldiers, who could not figure out how many legs the volunteers had and why they could run faster than them.If it went on like this, they would have to make dumplings, so all the Korean troops in the main positions began to run to the rear, and my 40th army followed them with whips.This made Zhang Du-young’s orders were repeatedly disobeyed by the following people, he let the troops defend Shicang, the troops ran, let the defense of The Shanghai peak, the troops ran, let the occupation of Huayue Mountain, the troops ran, even the last shilong Mountain defense orders were treated as a deaf ear.In the final analysis or wen Yucheng command of the 40th army is too around, every time is a large group of people appear behind the Korean army, who can do the war to balance the end?And the marching speed of the 40th Army is very fast, one second is still hanging in the far place, turn around and face to face with the Korean army, this kind of terror feeling pressure of the sixth Division out of breath.In this way, the Korean army retreated until it reached the north Side of the Han River, under the protection of the U.S. 1st Marine Division, the Korean army was able to breathe.As the saying goes, “One soldier, one man.” So vulnerable was the sixth Division’s commander, Chang Du-young, really a loser?Chang does not deserve his title as South Korea’s most famous player.He was superior to Baek and commanded one of the most beautiful victories of the South Korean army against North Korea.In the Battle of Geumseong, when the Korean army was defeated, he was also outstanding.Chang took over the command and led a group of soldiers to undertake a series of difficult tasks such as covering and counterattacking.Jang also served as prime minister of South Korea after the war.Chang was Korea’s no. 1 general and commanded the most elite troops, but he was defeated by “little Tiger” Wan Ok-sung and his “whirlwind troops.”In the process of pursuing the 6th Division, the chief of staff of the 354th Regiment of the 118th Division under the 40th Army led the 3rd Battalion to create a miracle, and the battalion attacked at a rapid march speed of 7.5 kilometers per hour.During this period, the U.S. and South Korean allied forces blocked five times in a row, but the battalion finally defeated them one by one.By 12 o ‘clock in the evening, the 3rd battalion had arrived at Mu-dong, northeast of Kapyeong, with the remnants of the 6th Division in its teeth.Their marching record at this point is incredible.The third battalion advanced more than 60 kilometers and experienced five encounters during the eight-hour march. Even with the delay, the third battalion set a new world record for infantry attack speed.The title of “whirlwind Force” of the 40th Army was fully embodied in the 3rd Battalion.With the exception of the 3rd Battalion, the other units of the fortieth Army were no less impressive, and these volunteers had repeatedly managed to get ahead of the fully mechanized allied forces on their two legs.In the first stage after the war, Chang du-young made a review summary.This review just found the problem, originally I 40 army did not want to annihilate the sixth division, but abruptly with the whirlwind offensive momentum scared them, let the sixth division people see our army run.Many difficult positions were thus lost to my 40th army.However, it was too late to realize that our army had already perfected its defense based on the position established by the sixth Division, and it would be extremely difficult to fight back. Jang was embarrassed when he realized this.Wen Yucheng’s command style is really overwhelming like a tiger, and his 40th Army is defending its own “whirlwind force” title with action.It is with them so respectable and lovely people’s army of existence, we can now live a happy life.