Guangzhou Nansha Line 18 subway station added 260 parking lots, affordable, people praise

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In order to effectively alleviate the parking difficulties around Hengli Subway station, solve the problem of zombie vehicles occupying parking Spaces and occupying public resources for a long time, and ensure the circulation of parking lots.The company concerned has taken the market adjustment charge management for the parking lot (P1) at the entrance D of Hengli Subway station.To respond to public demands, the concept of practice I does the practical work for the masses, in the north of tai yuan road, completed the construction of the new parking lot (P2), compared with the earlier P1 parking lot 81, horizontal drain around subway station has been put into use now 260 parking Spaces (for free), the overall supply of parking number increased more than 2 times.The market regulation price of the whole operation of P1 and P2 parking lot is reformulated as follows: 1 yuan/half an hour from 7:30 to 21:30;21:30- 7:30 on the next day 1 YUAN/half an hour;Free for one hour all day;Daytime maximum price 10 yuan, 24 hours cap fee 12 yuan!In addition, there are parking instructions: 1, large cars, super large cars according to the actual number of car parking space.2. Vehicles parked for less than 1 hour are free of charge.For vehicles parked for more than 1 hour, the first 1 hour will be included in the billing period, and the part of the billing period less than half an hour will be counted as half an hour.3. Free of charge for military and police vehicles, hospital ambulances, fire engines and municipal engineering emergency repair vehicles.4. The parking charge in this parking lot only refers to the parking service fee. The driver is responsible for the safety of the motor vehicle and the property in the car, and the management unit does not bear the responsibility for the custody of the motor vehicle and the property in the car.As can be seen in the parking lot of Wanqingsha subway station of Metro Line 18, the parking lot has also made public the charging information. Wanqingsha subway station social parking lot will implement the charge management from March 1, 2022, with the charging standard being 1 yuan/half an hour and the maximum price for 24 hours being 12 yuan.Details of bus connection lines in Line 18 of Nansha Metro: Currently there are 9 bus lines connecting Hengli Subway station, including subway exit E:G3 nansha road (horizontal drain subway station bus terminus, lam nuclear bus station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha G5 road (horizontal drain subway station bus terminus (district) – Manila door subway station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha 24 road (south sha wan station – horizontal drain metro bus station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha 23 road (horizontal drain subway station – lingshan island circulation line)Metro EXIT A (Phoenix Avenue Southbound) :Nansha G1 road (Manila metro station – 19 station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha G2 road (Gao Tieqing shing terminus, bus station, white sand) click on the image to enlarge view write G4 nansha road (humen ferry station – emerging village station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha road 69 / in 980 road (huangge yu hao court station bus terminus – triangle countries) click image to enlargeSubway Exit D (North of Fenghuang Avenue) : Nansha Road G1, Nansha Road G2, Nansha Road G4, Nansha Road 69 / Zhong 980.Note K981 Manila January 30 has opened doors to sun yat-sen’s mausoleum hills, shuttle bus routes, white sand subway station 3 2 nansha road (Manila door bus terminus – millions of kwai garden station) click on the image to enlarge view write 25 nansha road bus station – 19 wanqingsha sand chung station) click on the image to enlarge view write nansha 21 (guangzhou dock station – sand, white subway station bus terminus) can click on the imagesStart nansha No.25 short line at the same time during the subway rush hours (9:00-16:00).Brief introduction to Guangzhou Metro Line 18: Guangzhou Metro Line 18 stretches 61.3 km from Wanqingsha, Nansha District to Guangzhou East Railway Station, of which the first section is 58.3km. There are 8 stations from south to north, which are as follows:Wanqingsha, Hengli, Panyu Square, Nancun Wanbo, Shaxi, Longtan, Mo Dish sha, Xian Village.Line 18, which connects Guangzhou East and Nansha, is currently the fastest subway line in China, with a maximum train speed of 160 km/h. It will achieve the goal of 30 minutes between Nansha Free Trade Zone and Guangzhou East Railway Station.Hengli Station, one of the two stations in Nansha, is the demonstration station of Line 18. The total length of the station is about 694 meters, and the standard section is about 23 meters wide, with a total construction area of more than 50,000 square meters.Guangzhou metro Line 18 first pass section (Wanqingsha – Xian Cun), Line 22 first pass section (Panyu Square – Chen Tou Gang) ticket prices are as follows