How does a CEO build corporate culture?

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The CEO should understand that without the support of market law or social law, the construction of corporate culture cannot be truly realized, or even the existing operation of the enterprise can not be sustained.Therefore, the development and operation of corporate culture should respect laws, including the laws of concrete operation, price changes, emotional development, brand building, customer evaluation and service, etc.If the CEO ignores such laws and does not know how to lower himself properly in front of them, it will only lead to excessive exalting of himself, and he will not be able to adapt to the requirements of the environment and seek further development.This issue consults for you to interpret the CEO to carry on the enterprise culture construction two big rules.1. Identify problems. If an organization lacks passion and fears challenges, it will remain stuck at its current level.As the leader of the enterprise, THE CEO should timely find the existing problems of the enterprise, including rigid thinking, overused values and lack of pursuit of values by employees.In fact, many companies do have a problem with their values, and the CEO’s view is that what is useful now is valuable, and what is useless now is worthless.Ceos often speak highly of valuable ideas and are reluctant to advocate ideas that currently lack value.Under the guidance of such a philosophy, it is difficult for companies to be passionate and use it to meet challenges, let alone advance the construction of core values.2. A new understanding of values should be able to transcend the interests of some specific things in a certain period of time, which requires the CEO to have real passion and courage in dealing with the issue of corporate values.We should re-understand values from a strategic height, get rid of the original adverse influence, and encourage people to look at problems with a long-term perspective.Ceos don’t obsess over short-term profits.Be able to transcend these immediate interests and stick to the bottom line in front of them, thus being responsible to the company, employees and customers.But to do this requires not only a calm, rational and clear-headed CEO, but also the courage to challenge, to stand up for himself, and to sacrifice immediate gains for long-term benefits.Second, the core values, be sure to emphasize enterprise, the safety of the employees and customers, for example, Microsoft is financially strong, technology outstanding enterprises, its core values of the word “risk” is not, it doesn’t mean that Microsoft’s lack of enterprising spirit, is it the concept of value, the “security” in the quite important position.Not only Microsoft, but also many large and successful companies have seen “security” as an important corporate value from the very beginning.For example, DuPont’s corporate values are: safety, health and environmental protection, business ethics, respect for others.Heroism, although such enterprise values seemed to lack of passion, but the CEO should know that “safe” represents the staff to the attention of a enterprise in the strategic level, attention to the value of the product and to the customer, the value of this idea is eternal, no matter in what kind of reality, the market environment and industry enterprises as the stick to this value concept,And appears to be out of the ordinary, can reflect the CEO in the strategic planning of the comprehensive, scientific and forward-looking.The CEO can put “safety” in the basic position of corporate values, carry out more relevant agenda in the meeting, and put forward more attention to safety, so as to make the concept of “safety” become the core values of the enterprise can best reflect the connotation of the CEO strategy.So how can THE CEO effectively implement the construction of corporate culture?Here is to recommend you a powerful corporate culture landing tool – micro recognition.Micro recognition with unique “five heavy integral system”, will be a full range of employees behavior and work results in the form of integral quantify, hierarchical classification according to the results of the integral accumulative summary ranking, the staff of all kinds of dreams, needs, expectations and in series with the integral elastic welfare to employees and annual salary increase, recommendation PingXian linked to establish talent pool, etc,Form a new long-term and short-term performance evaluation and distribution mechanism, so as to help enterprises instantly recognize outstanding performance of employees, recognize positive behavior of employees, support the implementation of corporate culture, build a borderless organization and discover and cultivate high potential employees.