I and Winter Olympics volunteer, Aliemile Nurmameti: To make sure the service for the games is seamless

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The protagonist of the White Wave Winter Olympic Games is never just the athletes on the field, the Winter Olympic Games, belongs to every ordinary Chinese.Since the successful bid for the Winter Olympics, the Winter Olympics and ice sports have changed the lives of many people in the past seven years.They are the winter Olympic referee, technical officials, winter Olympic volunteers, city service providers, thousands of people love ice and snow sports you and ME.Listen to their stories and listen to the real voice of ice and snow.Alimie Nurmameti at a volunteer station in Yanqing.”Ali, Ali!Leading teachers and volunteers at the National Alpine Ski Center’s event service deployment area call out The name of Aliemile Nurmameti.As a volunteer in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, she not only participates in the event service, but also is responsible for solving the problems encountered by volunteers in this field.Alimie Nurmaimati is a girl from the Uighur ethnic group in Kashgar, Xinjiang. She can sing and dance, and is enthusiastic and cheerful. She is loved by her fellow volunteers.Because once participated in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China and other large-scale activities of volunteer service, guide the evacuation experience with the audience, beautiful was selected as the Beijing Olympic Games volunteers, national center for alpine skiing and Beijing university of chemical state alpine skiing center closed loop outside the volunteer team leader.As a volunteer in the field of event service, the ultimate goal of all work is to serve the audience.The role of the team leader is to assist the leading teachers and coordinate the management of volunteers so that all team members can serve the event well.On January 28, Ali officially went to work and became the “big butler” of the volunteers, responsible for signing in and distributing supplies.At the same time, she is also responsible for material management, personnel management, audience service and epidemic prevention supervision.Aliemieh Nurmameti discusses work with her partner.According to Ali, the material distribution work is mainly to distribute the materials needed for the work of the volunteers in each position of the event service, such as walkie-talkie and some office supplies, this work needs enough meticulous and patience.”Take walkie-talkies for example. There are multiple models, and different positions need to connect to different channels.Each model of walkie-talkie looks the same, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that they have different numbers.When someone comes to pick it up, we double-check their position to make sure the walkie-talkie they’re being given is appropriate for them to use.”Ali’s team also conducted two stress tests on January 30 and 31 to make sure there were no mistakes in spectator service.What if the audience loses their mobile phones?What if the spectators do not come out of the stadium immediately after the match and miss the shuttle bus?Ali to assist the team teacher, deduce a variety of problems that may appear, and came up with a solution.Aliemile Nurmameti works on the Daily Run Chart.The first alpine skiing event of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at the National Alpine Skiing Center on February 6.The beautiful early event services in the field of the daily operation table up, specific to each volunteer time, work time, get the goods departure time, and then to each point of the service time, etc., were down to the minute, to ensure that every specific work in the field of event services business were responsible for, people to solve problems.”We have become familiar with the processes of the event service business after many desktop presentations and field exercises.Our goal is to provide the best possible viewing experience for our spectators through meticulous and considerate service.”Ali said confidently.(This article is from thepaper.cn. For more original news, please download thepaper.cn APP.)