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Nearly half a year, many catering people are obviously feel, steamed stuffed bun hot up.Night steamed stuffed bun, now sell now package, real estate tycoon crossover open baozi shop…All kinds of new sharp brands, originally ordinary steamed stuffed bun, 2021 unexpectedly ushered in a wave of development climax.There is precedent for capitalizing baozi.Before that, Babi food was listed and became the “first steamed stuffed bun in China”, giving industry practitioners countless hopes.(In 2020, Barbie successfully went public with 3,000 stores and nearly 1 billion yuan in annual revenue.By the end of December 2021, Babi stores reached 3,800 +, with a total market value of 8.6 billion yuan.)Recently, we were approached by a client who also wanted to enter the baozi circuit and came up with some new ways to play.GUEST&HOSTH: We have had a rough conversation online before, you said that the brand you want to make is relatively high-end, do we have any plan?G: Two parts. The first one is on products.Traditional baozi are basically meat bao, vegetable bao and sugar bao. We have more varieties, and we respond to seasonal changes very quickly, which is part of the advantage.Another piece we do not want to say that when people mention eating steamed stuffed bun, it must be breakfast.If we add more categories, we can expand the consumer scene and lengthen the opening hours.Moreover, I think there are many possibilities for baozi consumption scenarios. You can make baozi for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even late night snack.Just like the night baozi, which is very popular recently, they are different from other baozi shops, but they sell them at night, and they can stand in line for 4-5 hours.So for us, we can try to cover a lot of scenarios at once.One of our brands can do breakfast and lunch, and the other can do dinner and supper.It can vary a lot on the C side, so do we have any ideas about the scene we want to cut into?G: At the beginning, we wanted to create a combination of five and ten stores in a concentrated area. We would first deal with customers directly, and then slowly export it out.Ultimately, it should be back to the production side and into the retail scene.And, like you said, we didn’t think he had to have just one brand.However, if we change from a catering scene to a retail processing scene, will we have to establish a certain brand first, it is possible to better extend the retail channel behind.H: In my experience, consumers have different motivations for catering brands and ultimately retail brands.Let’s say we are making frozen buns, and we send it to hippopotamus fresh or e-commerce channels, and the scene of delivering it to your home is different from buying it on the street.We open a shop on the roadside or in the community, in fact, without too much consideration of the name or other, in the community or on others’ way to work, there will be people to buy.Because people in this place don’t have much choice, they just need to be able to eat breakfast.If I go to a supermarket or online store to buy a frozen bun, I will look at the brand a little bit and choose the brand that I am familiar with or has a big influence.So the sales logic and methods we use for these two scenarios are different.So I think we can try a variety of brands, otherwise it is actually limited when promoting.And like the two scenes just mentioned, they are completely different channels and should be done with different publicity logic.As a community shop, we may have to advertise that we are selling breakfast, and the price of what products is enough.If we want to be a brand in the mall, we may have to promote the brand culture, but also tell consumers how we made it, what are the highlights and so on.And what’s special about this kind of consumer product is that it often changes with consumer trends.Compared with today’s bun shops in the past, although the products sold will be similar, because of the change in demand, each period will have a different bun shop to replace the previous.So we have to be prepared for this kind of brand change.G: So in terms of products, should we go straight to the single product line, or should we show our advantages in a wide range of products?H: In the early stage of a new brand, we would suggest to make popular styles with single products first. When the brand reaches a certain stage, we should weaken the popular styles and extend them in other directions.Because there are a lot of brand single product after playing for a long time, will encounter two problems, the first will have homogeneity, another is that consumers will feel tired.Therefore, after the development of the general brand is more and more big, we will weaken the popularity of the thing, because at this time for the brand will be a little limited.When the brand is in different stages, our strategy will be different.G: That’s what we thought, and we were wondering if the consumer scene should be more diversified, but we still have some ideas, none of which are in stores.When I visited baozi shops before, I saw that most of them only serve breakfast and have a short opening time.There are only twenty-four hours in a day, and in those twenty-four hours we have some time in which if we don’t use it, its efficiency is not fully figured out.H: I think a lot of restaurant brands are extending their time slots.When I went to Foshan before, I saw a tea restaurant. There were a lot of people eating in the restaurant from breakfast until the evening tea time after dinner.In the future, you have to expand its scene, the first is to have the right product, the second is to have the right scene.For example, if a coffee seller does not have the desire to chat with his friends in your shop, he will definitely choose a Starbucks with a better scene. In this way, no matter how good your products are, they will be no better than others.To sum up, steamed stuffed bun is the first choice of breakfast for most people. The market is big enough and the market education situation is good. Under the financing heat brought by the head brand, there will be more competitors in the future and the competition will be more intense.Under the demand of diversified scenes, baozi will have more and more possibilities, and there are more dividends to be mined in the market. For entrepreneurs, challenges and opportunities coexist.