Revitalize the beauty of the national style to transfer blue and white porcelain culture and charm

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Countless failures combined with the critical dragon kiln quench to create each unique blue and white porcelain, for hundreds of years, the craftsmanship and spirit of the craftsmen in the time and again after grinding and tempering from generation to generation.Now, in the world of league of Legends, a new story of inheritance and protection is being written by a group of new guardians!This time, league of Legends through the release of blue and white porcelain theme skin, so that players around the world more rich experience of the charm of Chinese porcelain culture.At the same time, by the league of Heroes and Jingdezhen Culture, Radio, Film, Press, Publication and Tourism Bureau together to create the blue and white MV “Plastic Me”, dedicated to the inheritance of thousands of years of history, firmly guard the heroes of Traditional Chinese porcelain culture.In the blue and white MV “Mould me”, different kiln types, such as Zhongzhen Kiln, calabash kiln and Gaoling · China Village, successively appear in Jingdezhen ancient kiln folk Custom Expo area, showing the ancient porcelain architecture, the process of handmade porcelain making in Jingdezhen during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and jointly exploring the vein of China’s millennium ceramic culture.Combined with this skin launch, Mr. Xie Xiaoming, famous modern ceramist in China, associate professor of Jingdezhen Ceramic University and inheritor of Jingdezhen ceramic decoration, revealed the mysterious veil of blue and white porcelain production by interpreting the production process of blue and white porcelain.After thousands of years of development, blue and white porcelain in its different historical periods also presented different appearance.League of Legends blue and white porcelain skin reflects a variety of fine brushwork techniques, porcelain shape, glaze technology and other details, contains the history of blue and white porcelain technology.Hero alliance, and also the travel bureau, through the hero alliance IP digital reading and promoting jingdezhen ceramic culture, further promote the ceramic culture creative transformation, innovative development, to plastic brigade, made to the article, to show the world jingdezhen ceramics charm of heritage in one thousand, pass the beauty of the blue and white porcelain of huai, show the charm of “China”.There is no end to inheritance and culture.League of Legends blue and white porcelain skin series combines game skin with China’s intangible cultural heritage in the way of “innovative cultural inheritance”, which is a “living inheritance” of traditional blue and white porcelain culture.Taking games as the carrier will also be a new way and platform for cultural exchange and output.To illuminate traditional culture with science and technology, magnify the historical value, cultural value and brand value of Jingdezhen, uphold the dissemination of excellent Traditional Chinese culture, and tell the beautiful story of China in the new era to more people in an innovative way.(Xiaoxu) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: