State Grid Runan County Power Supply Company: Successfully completed the Spring Festival power supply guarantee task

2022-04-24 0 By

Image net news (the elephant news reporter Xiang-yang huang intern Guo-hua wu correspondent GengSheng) on February 7, as the end of the lunar New Year holiday, in its plain all guaranteed power supply power supply company under the joint efforts of employees, during the Spring Festival RuNa grid running smoothly, the successful completion of the Spring Festival to protect power supply mission, the people had a warm Spring Festival.In order to ensure safe and reliable power supply during the Spring Festival, the company made arrangements in advance for the Spring Festival power supply protection plan, set up the Spring Festival power supply protection leading group, entered the state of power protection in advance, and comprehensively carried out substation and line special tour during the Spring Festival.For passengers increased during Spring Festival, the actual situation of heating load will increase sharply, the company organization maintenance, operation staff continue to substation equipment patrol work, the weakness of power grid operation for winter hidden perils, using an infrared thermal imager to main transformer, circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, easy fever part has carried on the comprehensive inspection,Make a good record of inspection, eliminate safety risks in time, ensure full coverage of inspection, no dead Angle, and build a strong barrier for the healthy and stable operation of equipment.During the Spring Festival power supply guarantee period, the company strictly implements the 7*24 hours on duty system, more than 170 power supply staff, 22 emergency repair vehicles, 3 generators, 11 generators on standby, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power grid, to achieve the “double zero” goal, effectively guarantee the reliable power supply during the Spring Festival.(Information hotline: 0396-3599908, email:”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)