The latest!Wuzhong Nucleic acid sampling service point!

2022-04-24 0 By

Lunar New Year holiday to passengers increased population movements frequently part of the city home to hold the nucleic acid testing negative proof to cope with the growth of nucleic acid testing requirements during the Spring Festival, to ensure that citizens spend happy New Year, good health, peace, wuzhong district new 24-hour sample point 1: suzhou ruihua orthopaedic hospital (until January 30).Since January 31, suzhou Ruihua Orthopaedic Hospital sampling time restored to 8:00-16:30.At present, there are 21 nucleic acid sampling sites in Wuzhong District, among which 3 hospitals carry out 24-hour sampling outpatient services.Wuzhong district 24 hours nucleic acid sampling service list for fever outpatient service warm prompt list in recently days sampling quantity more sampling points in suzhou wuzhong people’s hospital, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital, Lu straight people’s hospital, hospital Yin Shan lake, the creek institutes, professional township health centers, hengjing institutes, linhu town PuZhuang institutes of health.Citizens are requested to make an appointment in advance, go to the wrong peak, diverge reasonably, and queue in an orderly manner to avoid crowd gathering at the sampling point!(Source: Wu Zhong Published by Hong Mei)