These are two signs that a man doesn’t like you and wants to break up with you. The sooner he knows, the better

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Two people fall in love, there are no more than two outcomes, one is to succeed, get married, one is to break up.Breaking up is very common, because love is a two-way choice, it does not mean that you fall in love with a person, you will be together forever, it does not mean that he will marry you.You can break up because of personality clashes, you can break up because things don’t work out, you can break up because one of you has major problems, you can break up because you don’t love the other person anymore.Love will break up, it is no longer what makes people feel strange things, but it can happen to any couple, even if they are married, it is also possible to divorce.Break up is also divided into active break up and passive break up, active break up is the first to let go of the person, and passive break up is that they still love each other, was put forward to break up.Those who break up actively will hardly suffer much emotional damage, while those who break up passively will suffer heartache.Those who have been broken up are always the most painful people, because they are not mentally prepared, inexplicable was broken up, do not even know what happened.But the truth is, relationships don’t disappear suddenly, they don’t disappear at the moment of separation, they disappear a long time ago.Never love to break up, is a very long process, in this process, as a passive person, may experience cold violence, may experience cold alienation, which is also very painful.Here’s how a man behaves when he wants to break up with a woman.One, he suddenly becomes very cold towards you and his attitude towards you may change a lot compared to the previous one.For example, before he was very warm to you, every morning he would wake up and send you a lot of messages, no matter at work or what he was doing, he would send you messages and chat with you, he would enthusiastically express his thoughts to you, he would have a lot to say to you, in short, you would feel that he was very warm to you.He shows great interest in everything you do, always offers to go with you wherever you go, and encourages you in whatever you want to do.But then his attitude to you became cold a lot, send you less and less of the message, sometimes you take the initiative to send him a message, he also love to ignore, often take a long time to reply to you.You call him, he also not timely answer, a long time to call you back.He’s not as active in your affairs, you tell him where you want to go, he doesn’t go with you, he doesn’t spend time with you, even though he’s right next to you.He may have fallen in love with someone else, or he may simply dislike you. Either way, there is no point to continue, because feelings lose all meaning as long as a person chooses not to love.This change is a very obvious sign that he already does not like you, he is thinking about how to break up with you, but has not come up with a better way, so in this way to cool you, when you can not stand it, so that he is not the evil person to break up.Second, sometimes he will suddenly disappear, which many netizens have experienced such experience, their objects are suddenly disappeared, you do not know where he went, you can not contact.It could disappear every once in a while, or it could disappear completely.You disappear every once in a while, you can’t reach him, you call out of service, you disappear for a day or two and then you reappear, and you ask him where he’s gone, and he’ll give you all kinds of excuses.Your mobile phone is broken, your family member is sick, you get a temporary job, whatever it is, it is cheating you, because in our era, even if your mobile phone is broken, you can contact your friends, colleagues and family members with your mobile phone, even if your family member is sick, there is no need to disappear directly.If a person loves you, he will never disappear with you, he will not let you contact him, he will disappear, either he is dating someone else, it is not convenient to contact you, or he has no love with you, in this way to let you let go.There is also a kind of, is directly disappear very completely, the mobile phone number cancel, this person seems to disappear from the world, you can not find any news of him.No matter what kind of disappearance, it can only mean one thing, he doesn’t want to go on with you, because he doesn’t like you anymore, but he doesn’t know how to break up with you, so he leaves you in this way.This way is very immoral, also can see that this person is no product, even good say break up will not, so, do not miss him, do not have illusions about him, do not feel that he is what difficult to say.Why would someone force someone to break up in this way?The simple reason is that he doesn’t want to be the bad guy, doesn’t want to bring up the breakup, or is afraid that if he does, he won’t know how to deal with a situation that might come up that’s out of his power.Another explanation is that this person is too timid to face you and is afraid of being the one who always messes up, so he tries to cool you off and break up with you when you can’t stand it, so he won’t be the bad guy anymore.So, if your object appears such two kinds of abnormality, do not hesitate, do not doubt, he just does not want to go on with you, but do not have the courage to break up.You also do not blame yourself, do not feel that they are not good, a person does not love you, it is not because you are not good enough, he just did not love it.What you need to do is prepare in advance for the separation, both emotionally and financially.You can break up when you are ready, don’t wait to be broken up, you can be the initiative to break up, so that at least you are braver than him.End article illustration | Stills from He’s Just Not That Into You