Through: she heavy life, house dou palace dou, let cheat playing with female feelings of the man to survive can not, slag younger sister begging for death can not!

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Book fans have kept you waiting.Many of my friends have fallen into the dilemma of book shortage.No books to see, some books can not go down and waste time, this xiaobian is also the same sympathy for everyone, so xiaobian carefully arranged a few novels, absolutely let everyone see enough!I want you to watch it without sleeping!Without further ado, we’re on our way.Through: she heavy life, house dou palace dou, let cheat and play with women’s feelings of men can not survive, slag sister begging for death can not!The first: “medicine poison double jue: wang Ye please deep pet” author: Jiang Dye introduce: pay, a plot, when the sharp knife stab into, she hate and end, heavy life I, she sneer, “the person does not make me, I do not prisoner, if the person make me, exterminate!”Curtilage bucket?GongDou?The don bucket?She is not afraid of all, but more yue Yueyong, let cheating with female feelings of the man to survive can not, let slag younger sister begging for death can not!Priority: through: she heavy life, house dou palace dou, let cheating with female feelings of the man to survive can not, slag younger sister begging for death can not!Is it necessary to take the queen?Shandy thought he was crazy to have such an idea?However, seeing the upright emperor xiuhan kneeling on the ground, it seems to tell him that this is true, he is the son of single-minded affairs, without any idea, is really a rage for beauty, for the United States.Thinking of this, Xiande’s mind suddenly surfaced.That day, is also here, in front of him the same kneeling straight, that he is jealous of the woman, must remove and emperor dust ink engagement shen Month.Is it possible that they have long been a dark song, Shen Will have such confidence and ideas?My son, is also a small phase of her ordinary female, can be chosen at will?If so, that shen month, also can’t stay!Eye inside flash kill meaning, show de emperor looked at the bottom no matter when a pair of cold and dignified appearance of emperor Repair cold, like inadvertently asked: “you love shen that wench, please I give marriage, you know that wench can marry you?”You don’t know, do you?Last time, that Shen wench but in front of me, swear that he is jealous woman, can’t accept the love of elder sister and home, so insist on asking me for her to terminate the engagement.””Then do you want such women?Could she not bear any children of her own, or allow her husband’s family to have concubines or children?Ridiculous!””A perfect example of a jealous woman!”Father!Emperor Xiuhan half stood up to report to his knees and interrupted Emperor Xiande’s words. His voice was slightly higher than usual, less calm and more eager than usual.Xiande Emperor all the eyes, but not a sign.His face remained the same, but his eyes sank a little.In fact, she is still the wife of the prime minister of Dahua, but she is not in the mood for an imperial decree that makes her the new queen of dahua.And behind this new empress, brewing a big conspiracy.And she is in order to unlock the secret and unwilling to sit on the phoenix seat.Priority: Well, don’t say another word about this to anyone, whoever she is.And that you should never do anything about it again, because if you don’t, you’ll get killed, you’re young, you could get used, and most of all, you could get the Prime minister involved.And me!!!!!!!Of course, this sentence, snow did not know grace and said, she is not afraid to know grace have what things to trouble yourself, she is afraid that when the time comes, he has not been able to complete the task, hurt dad’s heart, will now he and know grace go very close, this is the emperor also know things.Ah, this little girl is too soft, a little girl’s home to save what big man, in case that man is a thief how to do.There is no shortage of stories about Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf.Zhi En listened to the words of xue Xun frightened a big jump, immediately nodded and said: “good, good, I don’t say, the next time I saw him, I also don’t save him.What!You know he’ll have a next time?”Xue Xun asked.When Zhi En said this, she pressed her mouth tightly, and was annoyed to death. What a fool she was, she couldn’t say anything, but she didn’t let Xunxun worry about her misunderstanding.”I think, I think, that he was wounded the first time he entered the palace, and then, not long after, he entered the second, and was wounded again.He wouldn’t risk his life if it wasn’t something important.He was wounded both times when he entered the palace. He must have been looking for something important, and he will return to the palace until he finds it. I am only guessing, but you can rest assured that I will not meddle in any other matter.”Ji Eun swore that she was worried about the man, but she was more worried about her father.Snow search one hear know boon to say that man perhaps is to enter the palace to look for things, the heart not help of sink down, eyes small narrowing, that man enters the palace to look for things, what does he look for?Was it possible that what he was looking for was what he was looking for?(Click below to read for free) Third book: “Dear Wife married” author: Nine petals of flowers introduction: What?An unexpected plane crash, let her dog blood through the ancient.It’s a legitimate lady of the house, though not a very favored and cowardly one.But who could tell her why she had been fished out of the lotus pond?Gu Wei Xi felt a little embarrassed as the steward praised her, even xuan Hao, the top official, looked at her with a smile on his face.After all, the methods she mentioned are very common in modern times. She just borrowed the wisdom of the working people for five thousand years. It is not so great as they say.”You’re welcome. It’s just a simple thing.If there are no further questions, I will go first!”She thought it was too late now, and she had to hurry up to do other things.Cough cough cough, wait a minute, little brother you have helped me a great deal, I should have a good thank you, cough cough, if you want anything just tell me!”Shangguan Xuan Hao smiled.Gu Wei Xi sighed, worthy of being the master of the first emperor shang guan, very big tone, but she seemed to have no what she wanted, she promised to help this did not think about money, and she is not short of money, after all, nangong Yue Ze that money still there.But, on reflection, if she really wants something, she would like to say that she really wants that piece of jade, as a “bank card” to use, so that she can deposit money and withdraw money more convenient.But think that piece of jade is also a valuable precious thing, the somebody else also impossibly in order to regard it as a thank gift to her, hence also politely reply way: “this childe need not be polite, a little bit of a small favor only, what is of no importance, thank what need not, but I am also time to say goodbye!With these words, Gu Wei Xi stepped out of the room and walked up the corridor amid the adoring and reluctant eyes of the house.How about this as a thank-you gift?”When he got to her, He smiled, as if he had guessed what Gu Wei Xi was thinking. With his white palm, he took out the piece of jade pendent and handed it to Gu Wei Xi. He was satisfied to see her stunned and incredulous.(Click below to read for free.) Any of these novels, some of them classics, will keep you hooked for minutes.If you have a better novel recommendation, be sure to share it with xiaobian, or leave a message to me. I’m looking forward to your recommendation.Past period wonderful recommendation: space article: she passes through into a farmer’s daughter, the hand holds a hundred flowers space, taking a small steamed stuffed bun to get rich!She wears a farmer’s daughter, carry the space to take the whole family to rush toward well-off, half way pick up a general from now on life open hang military marriage article: she drunk into the wrong head room, be head pull to civil affairs bureau, say to hold a certificate to mount guard!Military marriage: she is a small pepper, by the cold army commander strong pet into a small milk package!