Tong Jing, head nurse of shenyang Mental Health Center, said she has a sense of responsibility: I am on duty during the Spring Festival

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Huhu shengwei to auspicious, festive delicacies overflow.When thousands of families are immersed in the joy of having family reunion dinner, visiting relatives and friends, enjoying the beautiful moment of reunion with their families, Tong Jing, head nurse of the second ward of Shenyang Mental Health Center, is shuttle in the ward of the hospital, as a medical worker to give up “small home” for “everyone”, stick to the job.As a head nurse, she set an example and worked overtime with everyone. During the festival, she came to the hospital for ward rounds almost every day to timely understand the patient’s condition and emphasize the focus of the nurse’s work. She was nicknamed by her colleagues as “a model worker who ties the patient to his belt” and “the hospital is opened by your family” and so on.Served as the head nurse for five years, except the usual go early to late, every holiday is the most busy, due to the particularity of psychiatric diseases, the majority of patients can’t go home during the holiday, or during the festival the patients mood swings are eager to go home, she put the patients when carefully take care of their loved ones, with sincere trauma patient heart, think of the patients thought, the anxious patients of urgent.During festivals, she is not only on duty, stick to the front line, but also lead everyone to hold various activities during the festival, buy small gifts and food for the patients out of their own pockets, distract the patients’ attention, relieve the patients’ homesickness. The small warmth gives the patients great encouragement.A long-term hospitalized patient home for a long time to visit the future, the patient’s legs and feet with their own disease reasons are getting worse and worse, every day talking about brother and sister, she saw in the eyes, remember in the heart, timely communication with the doctor contact, contact with their families.At the same time, she also called the patient’s sister and explained the patient’s recent situation and family members in detail, hoping that the family members could call the patient. She also asked the family members to add her wechat account, hoping that the family members could make videos with the patient to ease the patient’s homesickness.When the patient received a video call from his family, he shed tears and was too moved to speak…Seeing this scene, her heart seemed to freeze the general, sour.After that patient in this short video meeting, the body imitated if injected invigorating agent, unexpectedly also much stronger, the mood is also getting better and better, have more hope for life.The family members expressed their gratitude to her, saying that although she was not a family member of the patient, she was more like a family member, that she was a good leader of the department, and it was a blessing for the patients to meet her.She used rigorous professional quality, lead the nursing team to make progress, she used sincere love, spread the story of the world feeling day, she used selfless dedication, shining in the ordinary moving guanghua, she, ordinary but great, with thin shoulders to support half of the patient.Source: Shenyang Mental Health Center