Welcome to the Mercedes S-class hot sale

2022-04-24 0 By

Buy Mercedes – Benz S-Class Reserve Edition, invite you to start a new journey, enjoy the new journey!To lead the world.20 percent down payment, or 2.99 percent annual interest rate, up to 60 ultra long term loan;Monthly payment starts at 1,688 yuan.Intimate sales policy and after-sales service guarantee, help you immediately feel the future, start a grand journey, and the collection of intelligent technology and humanized model highlights, let you lead the trend of the world — 9 speed automatic transmission, smart driving;Geometric multi-beam LED headlights, bright prospect;Burmester?Surround sound system, the sound of nature;Air conditioning components in the car, fragrant and pleasant;64 color ambient lighting system, streamer overflow color;LED star taillights, shining from February 17, 2022 to February 24, 2022