What happens with Cp3 and lebron?It looks beautiful. It’s not a winning partnership!

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Hello, I’m 183 masked man.Two of the best 35-year-old players in the NBA this season have been SUNS ‘Chris Paul and Lakers’ Lebron James.The two are two years behind each other in the NBA and are very good friends.One is a top point guard and one is a top forward.There have been times in their careers when Paul has teamed up with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Phoenix SUNS in the past two years, and everyone always wondered if Paul and James could have clinched a championship.So the question is, if cp3 and lebron were to team up these years, would the championship really be a shoo-in?To be honest, I’m not very optimistic, and here’s why.1. They all say that they will not be old, but in fact they are not. Although their data is beautiful, but in fact they have different degrees of decline, but there is a trade-off.James, for example, saved a lot of energy on the defensive end and put it on the offensive end, resulting in a scoring explosion.And why is Paul showing signs of rejuvenation these two years?His numbers haven’t changed much, they’ve even dropped a little bit, but he’s surrounded by young guys, both thunder and SUNS, who can run and jump around him.But with James, it’s a different story.2. James’ style of play has indeed changed over the years, but Paul is a player who needs a lot of ball in hand. Do not blame others for Paul’s not top level without the ball.The same goes for James.So, if James and Paul are paired, Paul’s personality doesn’t make him the go-to offensive player irving was, so it’s impossible to replicate 2016’s success.3. Throughout his career, Paul needs a scorer who can shoot, and a more traditional center, because his scoring skills are not as good as those of the top stars.The reason why he’s doing well in Phoenix is because the SUNS have a great setup and really fit in with Cp3.It’s definitely not something that can be explained by a coffee shop. It’s not like you can play better with a bigger Lebron.So it’s nice to think about Paul and Lebron teaming up.And even if it does happen, it’s not going to be a championship, it’s going to be bad chemistry.