Yongning District with the united front three work as the starting point to help rural revitalization

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Since this year, nanning ning area seriously implement the superior power country revitalization of the work of the spirit of united front and instructions, around the center, the service general situation, coagulation hearts meet force, according to the construction of political lead, service corporation, cadres three work as the gripper, incentives, such as large members of various democratic parties, the private economy enterprise to service in the construction of rural revitalization.First, we will give good guidance to political consultation and promote multi-party cooperation.Yongning District guided the democratic parties to focus on rural revitalization, conducted in-depth research and made suggestions.Actively guide the democratic parties to conduct new journey “to follow the party forever together” thematic education activity and various forms of political transition education practice activities, such as a sense of “learning party history DangEn built concentric offered ShiCe” seminar, representatives from all walks of life around the power country revitalization of positive Suggestions on united front, has submitted a quality presentation material 12 pieces, etc.Organizing various democratic parties carry out subject research, we worked on the enhancement of the effective supervision, submit to the “two sessions” at all levels actively related to rural revitalization of bill, bill, so far, a total of bill, bill, a total of 20, involving rural revitalization of the work of the rural land for industry, sales of agricultural products, rural tourism, rural infrastructure, rural industrial convergence, etc.To carry out the theme activity of “Learning regulations to strengthen construction and promote development” in Yongning District, the research group formed by the leading group of the United Front combined with party construction and grassroots chamber of commerce change, visited the democratic parties, non-party, federation of industry and commerce, visited 17 times, involving more than 270 people from all levels of industries.Second, we will do a good job in research on proactive services to help the private sector.Through the perfect season “visit”, “month to visit” and relieve problems in consultation with the mechanism, to carry out the united front work department minister’s visit to the corporation business countermeasures, “guide work and promote development” research visit activities, so far, a total of development research visit activity four times, joint chamber of commerce for arrives and visiting and docking enterprise industry 56 times, collect opinions and demands 48.Establish a consultation system for enterprises to solve problems, and regularly study and solve problems reported by enterprises.For general problems, the relevant functional units shall assign special personnel to take charge of them within one day, report the handling situation to the enterprises within three days, and solve the problems according to the shortest time limit in the industry.For complex problems that are difficult to be solved in the short term or can not be decided through consultation, it shall be submitted to the urban strong capital to hold a meeting to study and decide.Third, we will strengthen the capacity of cadres and lay a solid foundation for rural work.The quality of cadres’ work style and ability have an overall bearing on rural revitalization.Nanning ning area constantly improve various democratic parties reserve cadre training mechanism, the fourth committee changes in Chinese people’s political consultative conference nanning nanning ning district as an opportunity to work in combination with CPPCC preliminary candidate baseline and inspection carried out visit investigation, pay attention to the mining, strong capital, strong industry in the country such as urban core work performance outstanding representative personage,At present, 26 people have been selected together with the urban CPPCC and organization Department to form 8 groups, which have been dispatched to more than 170 units and departments for exploratory investigation. A total of 89 young and middle-aged representatives outside the Party have been excavated on the united front to help the members of grassroots rural parties form echelon teams and enhance the momentum of development.