“You can Tell” contestant King Guan announced her marriage, Posting a sweet photo with her husband, after being urged to get married many times

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The “You Can Tell” debater officially announced their wedding on February 10.”From today on, we are a couple.”Also aite her husband Lv Pengxing, a face of excitement and joy.King generously posted the marriage certificate, data shows that King and his husband Lu Pengxing officially married today.As soon as the Lord got his marriage certificate, he was eager to share it with everyone, and it was clear that the king was really excited.The King and his husband, Lu Pengxing, wearing a white shirt for the photo, both of them have bright smiles on their faces and look very happy.King posted a wedding photo of the two of them, in which king dressed in a white coat, sometimes beye, sometimes like a bird, sometimes on her husband’s shoulder, looking very happy.Seeing the King’s announcement of his wedding, netizens left messages of congratulations: “2022, bless you with happiness!””, “Congratulations king”, “Congratulations King sister, you should be happy!”On January 14, The King posted a picture of himself wearing white tulle, with a message saying: “I would like to wear this dress for you.She was very friendly with Yang Zi, and immediately after your Majesty announced the marriage, he sent her a blessing: “Even if you are married, you can play, or I will be very sad.”Then, your Majesty replied, “Wherever you go, I will always be ready for you!”In the auditions of the third season of 2016, the image of “King”, who is proud of “Mainland little S” and “Kangxi”, is deeply rooted in people’s hearts.The king, whose real name is Shen Xia, is married to Lu Pengxing, an actress on social media, who is known for excalibration, though he doesn’t look like much.Speaking, although the king by “science says” popular, but compared to those who the most popular debater, her feelings more attention by people, because in a lot of variety show, often before Lv Pengxing king announced to get married, or even “urge marriage”, but he is cool response, no reaction at the beginning, it was not until recently officer xuan.