At the age of 21, he became a commander of the Red Army, bringing with him a god of war named Su Yu

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Xun Huai Zhou, I think his name should be known to more people.One of the things that makes his name so strange is that he joined the revolution early, before anyone had recorded the revolutionaries in a systematic way, and the other thing is that this hero died very early, a very bright star, very early.His life was very short. He lived only 22 years.Although he only lived to be 22 years old, he produced a founding general.His height is not high, only one meter four, people look weak, think that there is no ability, but these are external appearances, his ability is very high, he became the red Army commander at the age of 21.If he hadn’t died at the age of 22, I think his achievements would have been higher than those of the founding general.Young as he was and short in height, there was not a soldier in the Red Army who did not admire and respect him.Xun Huaizhou joined the Party in 1928, and the year he died was 1934. He had just joined the revolution for six years. In these six years, every battle he fought was very beautiful.Although only six years, but his achievements are very admirable.There is no detailed record about Xunhuai Zhou, but I still found a composition that Xunhuai Zhou once wrote. In this composition, we can see how ambitious his ambition was at that time. He wrote a sentence on the composition that “in the future, we will do something great with the country”.Unfortunately, he only participated in the revolution six years died, did not see the new China after the establishment of the scene.Xun Huaizhou did not go back on what he wrote. He really did a great job for our country.In 1930, Xunhuaizhou took part in the Red Army’s first anti-encirclement and suppression war. The troops led by Xunhuaizhou were ordered by their superiors to attack the left wing forces of the Kuomintang.In the end, Xunhuai Zhou wiped out more than 9,000 enemy men, captured a large number of enemy weapons, and captured the kuomintang’s senior generals alive.The Chinese Communist Party was surprised by xunhuaizhou’s answer, which had never been seen in the Red Army at that time. Xunhuaizhou’s combat style was very crisp, his orders were straightforward, and his battles were very fast, accurate and ruthless.After the battle, Xunhuaizhou was transferred to the commander of the Red Army, which was the recognition of xunhuaizhou’s ability and the esteem in which he was held.After the end of this war, xunhuai Zhou also marked the beginning of the Red Army’s important figure.Xun Huai Zhou’s military ability is not in doubt, he is good at using clever tactics to win.The Red Army began to attack the quanchang earth fort, which was populated by evil gentry and reactionaries. Moreover, the geographical position of the earth fort was very superior and easy to defend and difficult to attack.At that time the battle is also very let Marshal Peng Dehuai headache, Find huaizhou earth fort geographical location to study again, found his weak place, so thought of digging tunnels, bombing castle this method to attack earth fort.After the actual combat on the battlefield, this method did work, resulting in the successful end of the Earth Fort War.In 1933, Xun Huaizhou was promoted to commander of the Red Army. He was also a very young commander. He was only 21 years old when he became commander.In 1934, Xunhuaizhou led his army to tanjia Bridge for the final battle of his life.The battle was lost because one of the generals at that time, Wang Yaowu, underestimated the enemy and let them get into a loophole.Surrounded by the enemy, Xunhuaizhou was shot in the abdomen and died on the battlefield due to excessive blood loss. He was only 22 years old when he died on the battlefield, which was the best time in a person’s life.At that time, surrounded by soldiers have to block guns for Xunhuaizhou, to protect the safety of Xunhuaizhou.From this we can see how important Xunhuaizhou was in the hearts of the soldiers and how much they respected it.Even though the soldiers rushed to protect Xunhuai Zhou, the young god of war could not walk down from the battlefield, he still died.The sacrifice of Xunhuai Zhou made the soldiers of the whole army very sad.Su Yu was also a soldier brought out by Xunhuai Zhou. He said bluntly that if Xunhuai Zhou could survive until the founding of the People’s Republic of China, xunhuai Zhou’s achievements would certainly be higher than him. At that time, Su Yu was awarded the rank of general.Conclusion: It was under the cultivation of Xunhuaizhou that Suyu made great achievements in the future. Suyu felt very sad and regretful about the death of Xunhuaizhou.I hope more people can remember the credit and courage of Xunhuaizhou, he will always be the youngest commander of the Chinese Red Army, the legendary boy god of war.Although Xunhuaizhou is only four meters tall, he has a very tall spirit.