“Ban burning ban, protect the blue sky, help the Winter Olympics”, they are in action

2022-04-25 0 By

In order to do a good job of “fireworks ban ban” publicity work in response to the district Committee, the district government’s notice requires the south Camp school district of primary and secondary schools to actively “protect the blue sky,Recently, Nanying school district issued “a letter to parents banning burning”, Yangjiazhai Primary School established “environmental protection small guardian”, Nanying town middle school leaders teachers set up civilized supervisors took to the streets to carry out “banning burning” publicity, along with the party branch of primary and secondary schools to establish volunteer service teams with sixth grade students,Hanging banners, distributing pamphlets Damascus elementary school teachers, students, parents, zhuang village for joint general mobilization action heaped-up mountains elementary school teacher lectures on network security district organization established on February 9, south camp 12 “ban burning banned” volunteer service team together hand in hand “guarding the blue sky, power games”, “win the war games,Together into the future, “the volunteer teams are done, go to the supermarket, to the small square and other places to carry out the network propaganda, policy guidance, volunteers on duty, cartoon education and various forms of propaganda to remind all the tenants shall not sell fireworks also remind people not to buy fireworks and to explain the dangers of fireworks, banned area called on people to more environmentally friendlyThe way to celebrate the traditional festival guide the majority of villagers to ban fireworks advocate green low-carbon, healthy and civilized way of life effectively improve the people’s safety awareness of the ban on burning ban Zhang Meng