Drool every frame!Food promotional film “Looking for lian Jiang” is coming, food map will be released

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Lianjiang food like all over the world shared!Clunk clunk!Lianjiang people exclusive food promotional film “Taste of Lianjiang” will be released ~ today to take you to the first look together to find the common taste of home!The filming team of “Searching for Lianjiang” shot the scene of Lianjiang with profound historical deposits.Cultural civilization bright food is endless promo successively in the process of planning, production of more than 30 days “savor lianjiang video will display the lianjiang food” taste “as the core on the carrier of food pay attention to the flavor of the city, the taste and the smell of homesickness of human transmission abundant cultural information propaganda characteristics snacks, breakfast, staple food such as different types of food reduction lianjiang beautyFood and the daily life of the close contact to show lianjiang colorful food culture with a long history spread Lianjiang food brand impression now!Ready for drool mode!Come and see a wave of “food cravings” pictures!Have you tried all these delicacies?Human fireworks can fondly look forward to the taste of memory together!Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.