Evergrande Billiton exhibition “a hundred flowers bloom” type of cooperation mode emphasizes not to sell assets cheaply

2022-04-25 0 By

Recently, Evergrande held a mobilization meeting for the construction of the 2022 Building.Xu Jiayin, the boss of Evergrande, said at the meeting that “the whole group should take various cooperation methods without sticking to one pattern and promote all-round cooperation and win-win work”.Xu jiayin said that such win-win cooperation is not limited to any one aspect or project, but should be all-dimensional and multi-tiered with all flowers blossoming together.Cooperation mode can be diversified, mature one, cooperation one, and all staff should do a good job of win-win cooperation.In fact, evergrande’s projects across the country have been exploring various possible modes of cooperation to solve the current difficulties since it ran into liquidity difficulties.Through efforts, more than 80% of the long-term partners of the division, including the main construction, material supply and decoration units, continue to cooperate with Evergrande.Xu Jiayin also said that in the process of cooperation, there must be cash back to the special account for building supervision;No fire sale of company assets is allowed;Must protect the rights and interests of the company;Eliminate loopholes in project cooperation;Ensure the normal development and construction of cooperative projects.Finally through the resumption of work and production, normal construction, the resumption of sales, the resumption of business after paying off debts.It is understood that evergrande’s building protection target this year is about 70 million square meters and about 600,000 units.Equivalent to nearly 50% of all guaranteed building projects to be completed this year.In September last year, Evergrande put forward a major business strategy to maintain the building construction within three years. By the end of the year, the construction rate had reached 93.2%.