Ji ‘nan “11.18” major kidnapping and robbery detection record

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I made more than 40 phone calls to my colleagues, asking for 300,000 yuan. Li mou, the general manager of a cemetery in Jinan city, is a 39-year-old woman.She is low-key, safe and cautious.On November 17, 2007, Li mou drives out to buy.It was just before noon and she was cruising home in her Mitsubishi Off-road jeep.Never think, a car followed, has come to the Ji road shunyu garden courtyard.As she got out of the car to close the door, a powerful hand clapped over her mouth and shoved her back into her Mitsubishi jeep.Meng However, she found herself in the car has been sitting into three people.Li was stunned by this scene, the whole person all silly.A day later, that is, at 11:50 on November 18, 2007, a woman with a face of hesitation hurried to the Shunyu Road police station of the Public security branch of Jinan City.She said to the director on duty: “From last night at 21 o ‘clock to now, my colleague is also the general manager of a cemetery in Jinan Li called me more than 40 times, she said nothing, just kept asking me to seize the sum of 300,000 yuan to deposit in her bank card, she said it was urgent.Just now, Mr. Li called to urge the money.I have worked with Mr. Li for so many years. I have never met her in such a hurry to use so much money.Why don’t you tell me what’s going on here?!”Calculate down, from Li mou to call for money to the lady to report, time has passed more than 13 hours, if Li Mou was really kidnapped, that she is in danger of life at any time.The detection of the kidnapping case is a race against time process, not only requires the commander in front of the crisis calm, accurate decision, but also requires the involvement of the police to closely cooperate, contingency.Task force soldiers into a few roads to quickly launch a painstaking visit investigation work.All the way into the victim’s unit, all the way to check the victim’s social relations, all the way to visit the victim’s temporary residence.Investigation shows: the victim Li mou, the current general manager of a cemetery has been a year and a half, mainly engaged in insurance sales work before, a wide range of contacts, rich income, family wealth.The cemetery he works in now is self-employed. The chairman of the board and his employees are mostly his relatives and friends, and some employees have economic ties with the cemetery.The cemetery employs more than 50 temporary local workers, making it difficult to manage.Was it an acquaintance who planned the kidnapping, or was it a random crime?All kinds of investigation information surrounding the victim’s relatives, work, and circle of friends is pooled into the task force.At 13:00 on the 19th, the task force headquarters called a temporary emergency meeting, decided to take the initiative to attack the enemy.Using the kidnapper has not yet been fully get the amount of money for the moment, in order to prevent the kidnappers yet launch, to ensure the personal safety of the victim, decided to the designated bank account to deposit some money, in order to contain the kidnappers, alleviate the kidnappers mood, and guide found free in the amount of money is too big, raise on the grounds that are actively coordinate with the victim li mou always maintain uninterrupted contact calls,For the investigation to solve the case to win precious time.On the evening of November 19, the task force acquired an important clue on the basis of careful investigation of the victim, peripheral related person: the farmer Lv Mou Yan of shanghe County that once worked in The economy is suspected of major crime.At 21 o ‘clock on The 20th, after determining the room where the suspect was staying and mastering the situation on the scene, the police of the arrest team came to the door of the room where the suspect was staying as the attendant of Galaxy Road and Xiang Guest House in Shanghe County and said, “Hello, the attendant delivers water.”The cunning suspect did not open the door immediately, but hung a safety bolt and opened the door just one crack in an attempt to observe the situation outside.Then quickly, the arrest of the police kicked open the door, rushed into the house, the arrest of suspect Lv Mou yan (male, 1990, shanghe county), successfully rescued the kidnapped li mou.At the same time, the police continue to investigate lv mou yan.At about 22 o ‘clock in the evening, in shanghe County middle road native products company dormitory courtyard, another gang member Wu (male, 1983, shanghe county native) was arrested.After review, suspect Lv mou yan, Wu mou respectively confessed that they together with Li Mou Yuan, Bai Mou Li kidnapping extortion money criminal facts.At 15:00 on November 21, investigators caught Li Mou Yuan (male, 20 years old, shanghe County) on the spot near carrefour supermarket in Lishan Road, Jinan city.November 23, 10:53 in the morning, in shanghe County city south pass some residential area, the suspect Bai Mou Li (female, 34 years old, Shanghe county) was arrested.After kidnapping the victim Li on November 17, members of the gang never used their own mobile phones, but the victim’s mobile phone has been used to communicate with the outside world.Blindfolded, they spoke to each other in Mandarin.When commit a crime, their division of labor is clear, after kidnapping extortion money cooperates tacit understanding, have stronger anti investigation ability.Integrated these information, Ji ‘nan Interpol think: this criminal gang are all shanghe county farmers, the cultural level, social background, etc. can not show that only the first crime can achieve such a “professional” level, the only explanation can only be they have something behind the case, there is a case outside the case!Accordingly, special case group increases investigation, examination strength to its.Through 3 days of wisdom brave contest of 3 nights, forced criminal suspect to confess to a few abduct rob a case finally.– At 11:40 am on October 24, 2007, suspects Lyu Mou Yan, Wu Mou and Li Mou Yuan kidnapped the victim Wang Mou Min (female, 27 years old, Linyi) at the gate of Zhengda Hualian Supermarket in Linyi County, Shandong Province, and robbed a Livina car, 300 yuan in cash and a Samsung D608 mobile phone, wang Mou Min managed to escape.Extortion of money failed.- October 26, 2007, suspects Lv Mou Yan, Wu, Li Mou Yuan three people driving to rob le Wei car and in Shandong Province Leling County Xisen community a resident downstairs kidnapping victim Guo Mou Fang (female, 27 years old, Leling people), and robbed cash 300 yuan, a pair of gold earrings, xianxin mobile phone.After the money failed, guo mou Fang abandoned in the road after escape.- 10 o ‘time on November 13, 2007, suspects Lu Mou Yan, Wu mou, Li Mou Yuan three people fled to a highway side of Shandong Linyi County, kidnapping victim Zhu Mou Bin (male, 29 years old, Dezhou City Linyi county people), robbing a van, MOTOROLA mobile phone, cash 300 yuan.And forced Zhu Mou Bin to notify his family to zhu’s bank card remittance of 6000 yuan, zhu Mou Bin will be put back, after the suspect will be 6000 yuan money away.- at 18 o ‘clock on November 15, 2007, suspects Lv Mou Yan, Wu mou, Li Mou Yuan three people driving stolen van fled to Shandong Leling County xinglong Street kidnapping victim Zhang mou (female, 25 years old, Shandong Leling people), and robbed its cash 60 yuan, after the claim for money failed, let Zhang mou fled.At this point, led by lv mou rock kidnapping robbery criminal gang completely destroyed.A total of 5 kidnapping and robbery cases involving more than 250,000 yuan were investigated.The stolen money has been recovered and the stolen goods are worth 190,000 yuan.Among the four suspects, baek, a divorced woman, is 34 years old and the other three are 17 to 24 years old.Idleness, gluttonous idleness, is their common characteristic.Lv Mou yan 17 years old at the end of the family ranking, since childhood arrogant wayward, domineering, only to read the second grade primary school will drop out at home, 15 years old will go out to work.Because of the fear of hardship and fatigue, Lv mou Yan has never done more than a year of work.In 2006, he was recruited to a property in Jinan city to work for half a year as a security guard, and learn a few months of beauty salons, are nothing, had to social loafing.Li, 20, and Lv are from the same village, while Wu, 24, chatted with Lv a year ago.Lv mou Yan, the main suspect, had worked in a luxury residential property company in Jinan.Later, in a party, when they discuss how to make a lot of money, Lv Mou Yan immediately proposed that we can kidnap the luxurious residential area residents to extort money, Li Mou Yuan, Wu mou both agreed.On November 15, 2007, Lu, Li and Wu gathered to commit another crime.In order to disguise in order to kidnap the rich woman, they called bai Mou Li, four people drove to the van from the Shanghe rushed to Ji ‘nan.They first came to Shun Jing Street to sell the stolen mobile phone cash, and then drove to the selected location, waiting for the opportunity to commit the crime.Until November 17 1L or so, they found the victim Li shopping after driving away, then followed, the opportunity to kidnap Li.After committing the crime on The 17th until the morning of the 18th, they took the kidnapped Li to Shanghe. From afternoon to evening, they drove around shanghe county all night without stopping.They then drove to Dezhou, where they withdrew 19,700 yuan from an ATM after learning that Li’s colleague had paid a ransom of 86,000 yuan into their designated bank card.After receiving the first ransom, they waited until the next day, November 19, drove to Huimin County, Binzhou City, first withdrew 20,000 yuan from an ATM, then went to the bank, using their ID cards to withdraw the rest of the ransom deposit.It is because the police control the payment of ransom amount and interval delay, not only to meet the greedy desire of this group of kidnappers, but also numb their alert nerve, to solve the case to win time, seize the opportunity to capture.