Let the bad guys talk seriously, Sima Qian so narrated liu an rebellion

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Dialogue, spanning two thousand years;Encounter, Sima Qian password.Whenever a bad man speaks in earnest, he probably confuses black and white.As for the plot against Liu an, the king of Huainan, last time we said that Sun Xianqing, the marquis of Baiyang who had eaten him, tried to avenge his grandfather by spreading quarrels and sowing discord in front of Gongsun Hong. In the end, zhang Tang, the cruel officer, tried the case.This was a huge case that shocked both the government and the opposition at that time. “Thousands of people were involved in the conspiracy of The King of Huainan and thousands of people were involved in the conspiracy of the king of Huainan.And the “Two thousand stone heroes” can be said to be the elite group at that time: “The marquis”, the highest rank;”Two thousand stone”, equivalent to provincial and ministerial senior officials;The “hooligans”, the local powerful group.”Hengshan king grant, Huainan king brother also, when sit”, Hengshan king Liu Ci, Huainan king Liu an’s brother, was also implicated, according to the law should be arrested and taken into custody.The law enforcement authorities panted to emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty for his opinion on the matter, and he condescended to the prime minister and princes to pay his own judgment on the matter.When gongsun Hong, the prime minister of the state of Zhao, studied the princes, there were two princes that were particularly conspicuous. They were Liu Pengzu, the king of Zhao, and Liu Duan, the king of Jiaoxi. They were both brothers of Emperor Wudi of Han and sons of Emperor Jingdi of Han.Sima Qian not only quoted their opinions, but also explicitly named the two princes.Portrait of Liu an, King of Huainan.King Peng Zu of The State of Zhao and Chen Rang of the State of Liou, 43 of them, all said, “Wang An of Huainan is very rebellious and has no way to go.Liu Pengzu, king of The state of Zhao, and Other 43 marquis Rangs said, “Liu An, king of The state of Huainan, is a traitor. The evidence of his conspiracy is conclusive and he should be executed.”Liu Pengzu and other ministers discussed the result, liu an was not pardoned.The minister of Jiaoxi said, “The King of Huainan has abandoned the law and committed evil acts. He is deceitful and deceitful. He has confused the world, confused the people, betrayed the ancestral temple and made false evil words.The Spring and Autumn Annals says, ‘If a minister has no generals, he will be executed.’A safe crime is more important than a safe one.The minister saw the seal of his book and the fact that he was against no way, and that he was very against no way, so he should obey the dharma.When it comes to the state officials more than 200 stone and ratio, the imperial family near the emperor is not in the law, can not teach, when all the officials cut jue for shi Wu, do not get the official for the official.He redeemed the death of a non-official.To zhang Chenan’s sin, so that the world knows the way of ministers, do not dare to have evil betrayal.””Liu Duan, the king of Jiaoxi, said:” Liu an was lawless. He did not follow the right path, and had ulteriousintentions. He disturbed the world, confused the people, betrayed his ancestors, and made evil remarks to deceive others.According to the Spring and Autumn Annals, “A general will be executed.Crime was not new; rebellion was a fact.It seems to me that once we have identified the apparatus of his rebellion, we can bring him to justice.Huainan officials of more than 200 stone and the equivalent of this salary, as well as the royal family favors, although there is no rebellion, but did not assist the King of Huainan, should be removed, can reduce their titles for civilians, do not let them do officials again.Everyone else who was not an official should pay two jin and eight liang of gold to redeem his death penalty. In this way, liu ‘an’s crimes can be publicized, so that all the people in the world can understand the principle of being an official and do not dare to be evil and rebel against the court.”Sima Qian quotes the words of Liu Pengzu, king of Zhao and Liu Duan, King of Jiaoxi, which are absolutely serious and the embodiment of maintaining justice.Therefore, “The prime minister Hong and the tingwei Tang heard that the emperor of Heaven was ruling the king by virtue of the rules”, and the prime Minister Gongsun Hong and tingwei Tang reported the opinions of the Kings to emperor Wudi.Liu Pengzu and Liu Duan on the disposal of Huainan king Liu ‘an is ruthless and accurate, and are clearly accused of huainan King Liu ‘an rebellion.The two princes’ opinions were reported to Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty by the prime minister Gongsun Hong and the lieutenant Zhang Tang, which made people suspect something was going on!Without too much analysis of the conclusion of the discussion between the two princes, who are King Peng Zu of Zhao and Wang Duan of Jiaoxi in the five Families?From the detailed introduction of Sima Qian – inferior character, not good.”Peng Zu is a crafty and fawning sycophant, with respectful feet and deep heart.” Liu Pengzu is crafty and crafty and fawning sycophant. On the surface, he is humble and courteous to please others, but in his heart, he is mean and sinister.Sima Qian did not shy away from the summary of Liu Pengzu, not only in place and sharp, and the prime minister Gongsun Hong equal.”Good law, hold sophistry to human”, Liu Pengzu likes to play with the law, good at using sophistry to slander others.”Prime minister, two thousand stone to pursue the Han law to rule, is harmful to the royal family”, the prime minister, two thousand stone officials are appointed by the court, if they in the State of Zhao to pursue the Han law governance, will inevitably harm the royal family.”In each phase, two thousand, pengzu garment soap cloth, to meet, in addition to the two thousand stone, more questions to actuation of the”, so whenever xiangguo, two thousand stair officials arrived, Liu Pengzu was wearing black cloth (as slave humans wear these clothes), personally rushing out, clean hotel accommodations, deliberate confusion to moved each other.Why is Liu Pengzu so abject?”Get two thousand stone slip of tongue, taboo, often book”, once the official improper words, violated the taboo of the court, Liu Pengzu would take out a small book to record these words.Liu Pengzu had the handle to hold the court officials, if the court officials want to serve the law management, he took out the black account threat;If the other party is disobedient, the letter on the charge, and to make adultery, illegal plot selfish interests of the matter framed the other party.During liu Pengzu’s reign of more than fifty years, no court official held office for more than two years.Should Peng Zu, the king of Zhao, believe his conclusion?Sima Qian extract to prove liu an rebellion, should doubt it?Portrait of the cruel officer Zhang Tang.Look again at Sima Qian’s record of Liu Duan, king of Jiaxi: “He was a thief and impotent. He was close to a woman and was ill for several months”.Liu Duan was physically ill, suffering from impotence, but once he came into contact with women, he would be ill for several months.Physical disability, probably affected liu Duan’s mental health.The word “thief and surly” in the Ancient Chinese Dictionary is interpreted as: brutal and cruel.Sima Qian went on to give an example of a young man whom Liu Duan had doted on as a lang official.Soon after, the young Lang guan and his adulterous harem “destroyed him and killed his son and mother.” Liu Duan not only killed lang Guan, but also killed his son and mother.Phase good actually moved other love, kill!This only proves that Liu Duan was brutal and cruel.Liu Duan repeatedly violated the laws of the Son of Heaven, and officials of the Han Dynasty requested him to be killed for many times.”The son of Heaven couldn’t bear it because he was a brother, and duan did it very badly.” Emperor Wudi couldn’t bear it because he was a brother, and Liu Duan’s behavior was even more excessive.”If you have a secretary, please cut off his state and go to the taibei region.” The officials twice asked for the reduction of his fief, so cut off the majority of his fief.”End heart, then zi province, Liu Duan from this bear a grudge, so to seal the domestic money no longer calculate management.Would he care about the state of the Han Dynasty?”Minister, two thousand stone to be treated, in accordance with the Han law, often beg their crime to be accused, innocent people cheat medicine to kill”, the imperial court sent jiaoxi prime minister, two thousand stone level officials, adhere to the Provisions of the Han dynasty to govern Jiaoxi.Liu Duan always found out their SINS and reported them to the court;And those who cannot find sin poison them by craftiness.In view of all the above, Sima Qian evaluated Liu Duan, “Therefore, the deception is strong enough to refuse remonstrance, and the wisdom is enough to disguise the wrong.” The method of deception is extremely varied, the fortitude is enough to refuse others’ remonstrance, and the wisdom is enough to cover up his own fault.In today’s terms, Liu duan is a scheming, disobedient, do-or-die jerk who can always cover up his mistakes.Officials sent by the imperial court would be punished by the court if they obeyed Liu Duan’s method.”Therefore, jiaoxi was a small country, and 2,000 stones were killed by many people.” Therefore, although Jiaoxi was a small country, many officials were killed and injured.This is Liu Duan, no matter in person or handling state affairs, is a bastard.Portrait of Liu Che, Emperor Wudi of han Dynasty.@ seven product grass people guess whether Liu Pengzu or Liu Duan with king emperor’s son, natural liu Che occupy the throne dissatisfied, just unable to resist it.Therefore, the imperial court often sent officials to the vassal states to vent their anger, when liu an’s case to discuss the vassal, they naturally happy to kick.From the five Families, we can know how the character of Liu Pengzu and Liu Duan is, however, Sima Qian wantonly quotes these two people to judge Liu An, how should we understand this literal presentation?So, when @ seven product grass people read here, involuntarily read “Five Family” to see Sima Qian liu Pengzu, Liu Duan’s narration, always feel some awkward.Perhaps this makes @qipin grass people suspicious of Liu an’s rebellion.For interactive discussion, please follow @qipin caomin.Code word is not easy, do not copy.