Miserable childhood

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With the flow of time, the past scenes gradually far away, but a person can clearly remember the story of two years and one month, do you feel magical?Really amazing ah, that is why, that is because what happened is too frightening, it was sixty years ago, the 30th of a New Year happened, let me tell you clearly: that year’s 30th night.Supper was finished.Mom, give me (two years old) to put on a new bought jacket and a white bib, handed me a glass lanterns, inside with a thin candle, lit, then my mother said to me “take the lantern to the neighbor’s house to play.”At that time, there were many families living in one doorway, and the doors were all open. It was easy to come and go to each other’s house because everyone knew each other and belonged to the same unit. I listened to my mother and took the lantern and went to my grandfather’s house across the diagonal door.A door, see uncle and aunt in the dumplings, then they saw a small two-year-old child came to the house, also did not pay attention to me.I was standing in the doorway of my uncle’s house, looking at them from a distance. The adults were making dumplings. I felt very funny, so I stood there and watched curiously.Instantly put my clothes burned, because I was small, do not know how to put out the fire, let the fire burn to my body, only standing there he cried loudly, neighbors uncle heard my crying, hurriedly put down his work, picked me up, and then sent me back to my home.As soon as I came into my house, I saw mom and dad making dumplings.The neighbor took me to my mother’s arms.At this time my father took the glass lantern in his hand, suddenly hard fell on the cement floor, smashed.While falling, while loudly scold me, scold me stupid, why burned clothes.I was young.Clothes were burned, scared, back home, father and hard scold me, and I was terrified.I wailed.I don’t know how scared, scared.This is what my mother said.Lingling (my nickname), don’t be afraid. Lie down on the pillow and mommy pat you to sleep.So, I don’t know when I fell asleep, and that’s where my memory ends.Are you calling my childhood story a tragedy?Thirty this year, I think of it again, I will tell you my unforgettable story.