Mount Emei lived a man named Chu Xuan

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There was a man named Chu Xuan in Mount Emei.His father died in his youth, and his family was very poor.One day, Chu Xuan went up to cut firewood. On the way, he met an old man with white beard and eyebrows. The old man asked Chu Xuan, “Would you like to follow me?But there is only one mother in the home Song Xuan is very worried about, he asked the old man to go with his mother, did not expect to be rejected.While they were talking, chu Xuan saw the old man suddenly sit down with his eyes closed and two liquid like white jade came out of his nostrils. To Chu Xuan’s great surprise, he thought it was not a mountain spirit or a ghost. Then he threw down his knife and ran.A few days later, because of reluctant to abandon the firewood knife in the mountains and old mother’s new cloth shoes, Chu Xuan could not help looking for the place of escape that day.Because every time I cut wood, I could go wherever I wanted, and I was in a panic when I ran away that day, I forgot the original location for a while, and I had no thoughts for a whole day.The sun was setting and the sky was getting dark.Seeing that it was already late, Chu Xuan could only go home in disgrace.But today is a little strange, when the road up the mountain unexpectedly disappeared, all around unexpectedly are barren grass withered trees.When he was starving, with moon in the sky, he walked up to a piece of open land, have to shine at the moment, suddenly see themselves to find the location of the difficulty, the original is just around the corner, a huge lying on the withered stake a worn out of the wood chopper and a new pair of cloth shoes, isn’t that what things they left that day?But the old man was nowhere to be found.Just look at it, there is an ancient book with four big gold characters on the cover.Each of the four words is like a painting into the dragon turtle phoenix tiger, as if to come alive.Chu Xuan knew that this must be the old man deliberately left his treasure, so he picked up the treasure chuai into his arms to run home.The ancient book is a map, chu Xuan according to this ancient book cultivation, although not immortal, but also got the road.He is small smoke like life, after stepping into the river’s lake, a pipe is often with the side, the person sends elegant name “Chu smoke guest”.In a night, into the taihu swallow dock, water thieves large and small seventeen leaders, are killed by Chu Xuan, strange is that he did not have a move a type, only by mouth spew out of the smoke, can kill in invisible.Even with kung fu and tai Lake water theft boss Ning King Kong, but also enemy Chu Xuan spit out that smoke, and eventually died of a caesarean section.He floated away and disappeared over the lake.At the beginning of the government sent people to investigate this bloody case, because they could not identify the weapon of murder, they went to ask the girl who was captured by water thieves, the girl said that she had seen it in the cabin.But the county magistrate listened to this matter feel too too absurd, then hastily closed the case.Years later, Chu Xuan was seen fighting with others on the Shan-Gan Road.It was an old man in sackcloth, armed with a huge mace, who, though he seemed to move slowly, was as quick and nimble as a young man.The mace, with its heavy power and the power of a split-stone, had struck so hard a blow from the old man who was here that it was almost inconceivable.Chu Xuan stood on a huge bluestone, spitting out a thick smoke, smoke like a green luan, while prone to stand for a while, while slanting, both can keep their vital parts, and can constantly attack the old man, although mace offensive dense rain but still can not close.It was not long before another young man came forward to help him. Knowing that he was no match for the fickle offensive of Tanluan, he dared not approach him, but stood far away, with all kinds of hidden instruments flinging from his cuffs.Like what iron lotus seeds, lancet, money darts, all kinds of hidden weapons, the young hands like hot wheels, quickly turning, the sleeve of the hidden weapons like rain, look dazzling.Chu Xuan to a pair of two, no fear, a calm face.The smoke spewed out more and more quickly, burst out of hot sparks, mouth smoke, seems to have the same spirit, constantly around the body, tightly protect the body, as long as the slightest mistake will die.The three of them fought all day. At last, the old man gave up his strength and began to slow down.Chu Xuan took this opportunity to spew out a luan toward the young man who sent the secret weapon to run away.Two people have about ten meters distance, young people by all concealed weapon should stop the smoke from luan, only heard tinkling crunchy, smoke luan offensive sound like a broken stone, and before the youth wanted to sideways to avoid, but the smoke luan too fast, just to move half minute, his left arm had gore, bellow youth, be defeated and flee.He and the old man attack with the very tacit understanding, at this time, the old man less help, also sprout to retreat, but not away, Chu Xuan stood up with a sneer, sighed: it is a pity that you this secret a unique skill.The mouth suddenly spewed out a huge smoke, like a long general, blink of an eye the old man was cut off in the middle.There was a fencing terrorist swordsman passed, called swordsman du, he had recognized the dead it is on the river’s lake notorious killer linen elderly and concealed weapon the lad, from both of them and they each have special supernatural powers, almost can no man tame; in the river’s lake to slay it was taking seriously, but by ChuXuan said with a smile what goes around comes around. What goes around comes around.It’s just not the right time.Swordsman Du knows chu Xuan’s terrible strength, killing these two evil thieves easy.He secretly sighed that Chu Xuan was too indoorsy and kind.– It must be a huge hidden danger in the future.This time to watch the swordsman Du MAO Saidun open, found that decades of swordsmanship, after all, do not get the point, or fell down.Chu Xuan transport stunts, nothing more than striking after striking, to static braking.At the moment, I gave up all kinds of complicated sword moves in the past, and I learned the art of tuanshu from Chu Xuan as my teacher, and practiced the art of controlling sword, and finally achieved great success.When Chu Xuan was one hundred years old, the art of keeping grain was small, and he reached the realm of no man-eating fireworks.Others said that he would soon be able to become a fairy, but Chu Xuan said with a smile earlier years against the strong and help the weak, pretentious, committed too many killing crimes, or don’t expect to become a fairy.One day when Chu Xuan was walking in the mountains, he suddenly sat down on the spot. His face was rosy and he looked calm.The swordsman Du was buried directly on the spot, but there was no tombstone, nor did he guard his tomb. It is said that the swordsman Du won the true love of Chu Xuan.After this incident, The swordsman Du also retired to the rivers and lakes, living in the mountains, occasionally to punish the bandits and villains hiding in the mountains, afterwards often with a few strokes, the font shape like green luan, is to leave his name.Later, he claimed to be a smoking swordsman with erratic movements.After a certain year, the swordsman Du boat on the way to sorcery water.Midnight water thieves with rapid paddles near the boat, grab on the passenger ship robbery money murder.One of them is a one-armed water thief leader, very ferocious, people have not boarded the first dart killed two boatmen, swordsman du save.The one-armed pirate leader saw that he was well dressed and handsome, and that there must be something precious about him.Took the baggage to solve some, I saw a rosewood box, inside the heart, big thought certainly uncommon treasures here, just at the moment of opening box a smoke spewed from the box, like qingluan, straight to water thief chief eyebrows, wear and the brain, then will be behind him a confrontation to shoot, smoke just fade away.The rest of the water thieves were so startled that they didn’t know what was going on and were so scared out of their wits that they jumped into the water and fled, not daring to linger.Swordsman Du did not pursue.This wooden box is a relic given by Chu Xuan in those days.That year by a smoke, after so many years should still have the power to kill, is really appalling.Swordsman Du opened the one-armed leader masked black towel, suddenly found that this person is the time to escape the weapon boy.Clearly have the opportunity to turn evil and do good did not cherish, but eventually ended up in a tragic death, really should chu Xuan that year words, good good, evil evil, is not not reported, the time has not arrived.