Pokemon News Flash: Don’t be a Rocket!It’s bad to grab the beast

2022-04-25 0 By

The latest installment of Pokemon Legend: Alzeus is still getting a lot of buzz from its release, and many players have completed the story in a week.A few days ago, there was an official update to the game that fixed a number of bugs, including the fact that players couldn’t catch Sakura with all their pokeballs.But it didn’t take long for players to discover new bugs that made the story impossible.Let’s take a look!After finishing Pokemon Legend: Alzeus for a week, players will encounter various pokemon legends over the course of the two-week main storyline, and will only be able to continue the story once they have succeeded in capturing them.However, after the 1.0.2 update, there was a Bug that prevented the main mission from continuing by catching cresselia without talking to Muchun when completing the main mission “SLATE of the Battlefields of the Moon”.At present, the official has learned about the existence of this Bug, and said that the Bug will be fixed in the next update, please complete this mission before you talk to Muchun, players who have encountered problems please wait for the official fix.This Bug may be good news for players who like Cresselia, who may be able to catch another one after catching the Bug.Sword/Shield will start the Valentine’s Day campaign today, and when it comes to the sweetest Pokemon in Galal, it’s frosting.This valentine’s Day will be the same as last year, from February 11 to February 21, the small fairy milk production rate and flash rate in group battles will be increased.The winner can also drop a variety of candy ornaments, take this opportunity to collect