“Spring Festival walk grassroots” Spring Festival movie-watching boom culture Spring Festival has become a fashion

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Watching an exciting or funny movie is one of the entertainment choices for many people during the Spring Festival.This Spring Festival, a number of good films will be released as scheduled, involving comedy, war, animation and other themes, among which the theme films and animated films are deeply loved by the audience, to meet the diverse needs of the audience, so that the friends who love movies feast their eyes.It is reported that in order to meet the needs of the general public, three cinemas in Linxia will operate normally during the Spring Festival, while strictly controlling the epidemic, creating a good atmosphere for the audience to watch movies.Compared with other times of the year, the number of people going to the movies during the Spring Festival has increased significantly, with more families and groups going to the movies.At 3 PM, the hall of Linxia 97 International Cinema City was already full of people waiting to see the film.Red lanterns, Chinese knots and other festive elements were added to the cinema, and posters for many New Year’s movies were also eye-catching.According to relevant officials, during the Spring Festival, there are a number of new films with good quality and reputation, giving audiences a variety of choices.Linxia 97 international cinema manager on duty Zhang Xiaolin: according to the amount of daily attendance, more popular is the long jin lake of water gate bridge, parents with children to see know a little about history and memory of our revolutionary, and the children love to see the “bears”, there are a lot of parents take the children to see, relax and have a happy year.During this period, we strictly comply with the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and all visitors are required to check their health code, venue code, wear masks and do a series of epidemic prevention and control requirements.”Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake”, as a theme film, has gained a large number of “fans” at the beginning of its release by virtue of the accumulated reputation and heat of its predecessor “Chojin Lake”.The film has also become the first choice for many audiences to receive patriotic education and pay tribute to revolutionary martyrs.Audience Yang Ruohan: “Changjin Lake of water gate Bridge” in wu Wanli let me deep impression, his kind of perseverance for the spirit of dedication to the country touched me, later I want to learn the spirit of patriotism of these heroes.At the multiplex counter, parents and their children came to ask about “Boonie bears after Earth” screenings.The Boonie Bears series is a favorite among children during the Spring Festival, and this year it continues to offer a cultural treat for children.Audience: During the winter vacation, in order to relax the children, I brought them here to watch his favorite “Boonie Bears Return to Earth”.Li Caihong: Every year, there is a series of Boonie bears. The children like it very much, so I bring them to watch it every year.Taking them to see the film during the Spring Festival enriches the children’s lives.Other favorites include mahua Funage’s comedy-drama The Killer Is Not Too Cool, an inspirational film about the struggles of a small group of people called Miracle and A Stupid Kid, and Zhang Yimou’s new war film Sniper.It is not difficult to see that with the continuous improvement of the film market infrastructure in Linxia city, it has stimulated new vitality for film consumption and injected new momentum into the development of the city’s cultural industry.