Suddenly a mom!The tears and laughter of former girl group idols returning to the stage as mothers

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“Suddenly I am a mother” is a phrase that has touched the hearts of many women. Recently, a Korean TV show called “Mom is an Idol.”As the top girl group idols of the past, they are undoubtedly the representatives of successful women, but after getting married and having children, all of these are overshadowed by the years when they leave the stage and become mothers.At the end of 2021, South Korea’s tvN launched a variety show called “Mom is Idol” featuring a “mother” perspective,She brought together Ga-hee (former leader of girl band After School), Park Jung-ah (former leader of girl band Jewelry), Min Sun-ye (former leader of Wonder Girls), Hyun Jun-ni (former lead singer of BellaMafia) and Yang Eun-ji (former Baby V.O.X.)Members of Re.V) and Star (former SOLO singer), the legendary female idols who left the public’s sight and were forgotten due to marriage and child-rearing, were trained to return to the stage through a series of stories, which awakened the audience’s innermost feelings and memories.The first and last time I made my debut, I had to put down what I had done well for a long time and adapt to a completely different environment.And because of the thickness of time accumulated each day, we can only stay outside of our memory.This is the true story of many working women’s sudden motherhood, even those who were once glittering ICONS.On Feb 4, “Mom is Idol” successfully held a mini concert for the six idol mothers, ending the journey of more than three months with a happy reunion.It was not an easy challenge to go from being physically and vocally disharmonious at the beginning to being able to return to the level of the current junior girl group.But in the final closing concert, Jia Xi, Pu Zhen ya, Min Xian Yi, Xuan Juni, Liang Eun zhi, Star six people undoubtedly proved that they are still the group of female idols can be good at war!MAMADOL come on!Mothers of the world go!You can live a brighter life.In the day of the program, Jia Xi, Pu Zhen ya, Min Xian Yi, Xuan Juni, Liang En zhi, Star six women’s group MAMADOL officially joined the army, in disbelief and nervous gratitude they witnessed the end of their journey and the beginning of the other end of the journey.As Stra finally asked in a state of delight and frustration, “Will I ever have a chance to dance again?””You can continue, do not rest, work hard,” Jia Xi’s answer and the voice of the audience gave her the answer.02 troubled mother not discouraged, you really good and very strong on the day of MSC, MAMADOL members not only for their gorgeous blossom express emotions, at the same time go all the way to continue support their audience to show love, and to convey the moms all over the world to encourage “hope many mothers see us, cheer.Before you’re a mom, you’re a human being, and I want people to know that.”As one member of MAMADOL said, “Suddenly becoming a mother”, women who are wives and mothers, although you don’t have the opportunity to temporarily sweetly deviate from normal life like Mom is Idol, you should not forget that you do not lose the opportunity to find your own existence and value.Ignore these “moral” labels, turn yourself back to 18, and create a new life of self-worth and co-prosperity. Don’t compromise!All the good people in the world are with you.When the lights go out, the members of MAMADOL may return to their daily seats, but this is not the end, but the beginning of finding a new life. As Stra says, “I have experienced something I will never experience again in my life, and I have really gained a lot of confidence.”Don’t be afraid to try your heart’s desire. Our moms are wonderful and strong.”Women hold up half the sky.”Since the founding of new China in 1949, gender equality has been written into the constitution, epochal recognition of women’s status from the legal level.However, even now, women still face a huge dilemma in work and family, and such structural gender inequality can only be rebuilt by breaking down from the inside out.Hesitant moms, a small step forward today may lead to a new era of gender equality with the elimination of certain words like housewife and housewife.What do you think about that?Welcome to comment ~