Take the time machine, ten thousand people film city tour silver wrapped, you are so beautiful

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Snow is quietly, gently fall in the window, into the dream, such as a lightly white butterfly.Snow is to come quietly, like flowers, elegant dancing, falling time lightly with loneliness, light sleep on long eyelashes.The snow comes quietly, like feathers, flying all over the sky, fluffy, falling all over the mountains and trees…Snow is quietly, like flying catkins, lost the eyes, covered the path, thick, a good bed catkins quilt.Snow is suddenly come, when you do not pay attention to, in the cold world bloom flowers, simple, one, two, three……I lost count.ZhenBeiBao western studios is to let you completely out of real pressure and relax more style let you savor the experience characteristic folk culture ride sit camel slingshot shoot wine while the iron is hot dazzle you ZhenBeiBao is a mysterious place sandstorm long, telling the story of it is generalized, withered woods, dragon inn, from a slope street…Each scene has its own story to show its unusual side to the people who come and go. The main purpose of zhenbeibao Western Cinema is to let people stay away from the noise of the city and come here to have a quiet rest.Because of this, the western cinema is about to usher in a large-scale activity of nearly ten thousand people in Ningxia.Tens of thousands of people have entered the cinema to enjoy snow, photography and sightseeing.It was a good year to be sprinkled with silver flowers.Last night a snow to Yinchuan covered with a layer of white sand, also to the western town of Zhenbeibao covered with the city silver.