The Hong Kong SAR government and all sectors of society will spare no effort to fight the hard battle against COVID-19

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People’s Daily client Hong Kong people have been used to wearing masks shopping.Xinhua News Agency increased personnel to track cases, enhanced community testing capacity, encouraged citizens to conduct self-testing, deployed home isolation arrangements, cut off the chain of transmission to control the epidemic, and mobilized all resources to improve the vaccination rate…Faced with the grim new round of COVID-19, the Hong Kong SAR government, with the support of the central government and the mainland, has made every effort to implement dynamic zero-out, resolutely adopted a number of strict anti-epidemic measures, and resolutely contained the spread of the epidemic.Chief Executive Carrie Lam cheng Yuet-Ngor said, “The Central government has always been the strongest supporter of the HKSAR. The HKSAR Government will spare no effort to defeat the epidemic with the support of the central government and the cooperation of the public.”As of February 13, the SAR Government had 19 community testing centres and 46 mobile sampling stations.The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Lee Ka-chiu, stressed that “dynamic zero clearance” was the most effective way to protect people’s lives and the operation of medical facilities.”In the face of repeated outbreaks, the SAR government will not be complacent. It will take all measures to prevent imported cases from abroad and rebound from home to strictly control the epidemic, and further increase the accuracy of epidemic prevention measures. With the support and cooperation of the general public, the SAR government will strive to achieve the goal of dynamic eradication.”The Secretary for Food and Health of the HKSAR Government, Mr Chan Shiu-shek, said the Government was liaising with the mainland on the construction of “makeshift hospitals” and the Chief Executive had instructed the Development Bureau to find sites to build additional community isolation facilities near hospitals or existing isolation facilities.”We are fighting a war against the epidemic and we must defeat it.”Inspector Chan Chi-wai of the Police Criminal Support Division, who is now in charge of the case tracing office in Mong Kok, said that the tracing office is actively seeking out all the close contacts of the confirmed cases and sending them to quarantine to prevent the infected from going out in the community.Priority will be given to tracing clusters with multiple cases.Mr Chan was seconded to the Office when it was set up in January 2021, and was reassigned when the Mong Kok office became operational at the end of last month.Chen said that data from December 31 to 26 last month showed that one out of every four close contacts was infected, so tracing is extremely important.As a member of the SAR government resistance to disease group, the Hong Kong police force and work with other departments, the front line staff has been hold position, fearless, strong search space, enclosed order, tracking case, maintain detection center, and investigation and prosecution deliberate violation of the relevant laws of the people, etc., is committed to protect public health, safeguard public health security.Xu Lejian, director general of the Center for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health, pointed out that COVID-19 should not be regarded as influenza as it is the most severe battle against the virus in more than two years.He noted that the COVID-19 virus is changing so much that it cannot be ruled out that omicron will change in the future, which could affect certain groups and even lead to other complications.At the same time, many Hong Kong residents have actively joined the fight against the epidemic as volunteers on the basis of taking protective measures.For example, we assisted in the packaging of rapid test kits and worked hand in hand with the SAR Government.Hong Kong Relaunch Alliance calls on all Hong Kong residents to fulfill their responsibilities of vaccination and testing, and to do their best to cooperate with the national and HKSAR governments in various anti-epidemic measures, so as to achieve an early eradication of the epidemic in Hong Kong.The motherland will always be a strong supporter of Hong Kong, a spokesman for The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said recently.The people on the mainland and our Hong Kong compatriots are bound to defeat the epidemic at an early date by joining hands with each other.At present, the mainland has coordinated guangdong and Hong Kong’s joint prevention and control of the epidemic, guaranteed cross-border material transport, guaranteed the supply of vegetables, fresh food and other daily necessities to Hong Kong, and jointly studied and formulated epidemic prevention strategies and plans.Legco members pei-fan Ge, Deng Chia-biao, Lam Kin-fung and Yung Hoi Yan said the central government’s assistance to Fight the epidemic was a “shot in the arm” for all Hong Kong people.Hong Kong has never been afraid of any difficulties.I am confident that with the strong support of the central government, the all-out efforts of the SAR government and the active cooperation of all sectors of society, the strengths of the “one country, two systems” system, the great spirit of fighting the virus, and the concerted efforts to fight the “tough battle” will ensure an early victory over the epidemic.(Original title: “The Hong Kong SAR Government and all sectors of society: Fight the hard battle against COVID-19 with all our might”.Editor Yuan Huaming)