Finally, someone said: the stock price has been falling, why the large order continues to flow?Sober up after reading it

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The road to success is long, always learn a little, practice a little, understand a little, progress a little, failure and pain is your best teacher.Correct and stable investment mentality is to rely on long-term practice of continuous summary and exploration, constantly groped out.In stock trading, you can only make money if you know how to cut your losses and stick to them.Avoid changing the trading strategy of your position without good reason.Unless you think the original rules or strategies are wrong or imperfect, you should improve them.How valuable it is to be rational and sober in the market. To be a winner, you have to overcome your weaknesses.Dare to insist on independent thinking, do not follow others.Investing in stocks requires patience, and finding market opportunities requires waiting and patience.The concern that rise and fall no matter you buy price is how many, anyhow returned from its that day high point %3 you should cause attention, often returned %3 stock is not quite good commonly in that day trend, create new high again very hard, but not absolutely.Because there is no absolute 2 words in the stock market, it is to sell or stay the form that still must see a stock.Quantity. Quantity energy line. Quantity ratio.Inner and outer plate as well as turnover rate, it has risen a few days?Put it all together and you should choose to sell or keep it.Share prices have been falling, but why do large orders continue to flow in?In people impression, big sheet appears to mean share price rises namely or stop fall, this is deviation on understanding.Large single is not a panacea, the main capital can not turn the tide in many cases.Big single after entering the stock price is up or down, but also according to more information further analysis and judgment.Large single into the share price continues to fall, most likely the stock selling pressure is heavier, the market sentiment is fragile, even if the main capital large single round, it is difficult to stabilize the military heart.If the main net shares out of shipment, may be due to the fragile market mood, leading to chip out how much, the price was smashed down.So it is often paired with a large single assist.In the position of taking one or two out of the big single, to lure other traders in higher than the price of the position of the single, then the main use of small one-way hit shipment.It is possible to create the illusion of active trading volume.Once upon a time, people often say that “everything will be deceptive, only the turnover will not”.However, it is only to increase the transaction amount, and does not care about the rise and fall of the stock price, so the enthusiasm of raising the stock price is not high.So, if there is a big order in this situation, the stock price will not rise.To inverted is the main capital to use their own control of a number of accounts between the mutual trading, making the stock price short period of violent fluctuations and abnormal amplification of volume, so as to achieve the temptation to follow the trend of a means of shipment.The main force that seesaw type attracts raise gimmick fierce likes to use seesaw type attracts raise law, the share price that rises and falls violently like storm lets investor unprepared.This method requires that the main force has a very strong strength, can quickly pull up the share price, in the retail reaction to the share price quickly down.Retail investors can not stand such a huge psychological torture, often choose to throw chips.According to the change of turnover identification banker wash dish as a result of banker’s active intervention, originally depressing stock becomes active below the impetus that turnover magnifies obviously rise, appeared the state that price rises quantity increases.Then, in order to give the future of the large pull up to mop up the obstacles, will be short – term profit plate forcibly washed, this washing plate behavior in the K line of the performance of Yin and Yang alternate with the horizontal disc shock.In the meantime, as a result of banker’s purpose is to want general investor to go out, accordingly, the K line form of share price often shows apparent “head” form.Daily limit trial mainly through the daily limit, observe the contrast between the amount of selling and follow the trend of the amount of money, analysis and judgment chip stability.After that day trading, the next day will often spread out concussion.On the third day after the daily limit, the stock price falls or moves sideways.Trading trial, on the one hand can test dish throw pressure, on the other hand can also test the enthusiasm of followers, on the other hand can also appear in the rankings to attract attention, for the follow-up to lay the foundation for trading.Kill two birds with one stone.”11 11″ catch platform take off “a” refers to a stock after a period of decline, K line goes into many small Yin small Yang, each K line is less than 4%, is “a” word platform, its corresponding turnover is also extremely atrophic.”Two” refers to the sudden one day, trading volume than the previous magnification of more than 2 times.”One” point to the K line that is that day closes a big Yang line, share price rises should achieve 6% above, had better be harden.Therefore, when you find a stock K line is “a” word platform, it is necessary to focus on, patient hunting, such as volume amplification 2 times and pull out a big Yang line that day decisively take into.”High volume column” form – capture dark horse in the traditional technical analysis method, often used more is technical indicators, K line combination, wave theory and so on, but these analysis methods have an important drawback, is only involved in the price, and did not involve the volume.Trading volume is a pile of real money, from the volume to judge the behavior of institutions, often have the function of “fire eye gold eye”.The judgment of trading volume on the market, can be roughly divided into 7 categories: high volume column, low volume column, ladder volume column, shrinkage column, multiple volume column, flat volume column and gold column.Today we introduce the high volume column in the seven types of trading volume.”High volume column” is the highest in a certain stage of the column, which is easy to find, easy to excite people, but also easy to deceive people.The six-line black horse stock selection will set the moving average to six.Set three small cycle average, 5 moving average, 10 moving average, 20 moving average, known as the small three line, pay attention to the short-term form of stock prices.Set three major moving averages, 60 moving average, 120 moving average, 240 moving average.Focus on the long-term shape of stock prices.When the six moving averages form a long arrangement, (5 moving average at the top, 10 moving average, 20 moving average, 60 moving average, 120 moving average, 240 moving average at the bottom) called the six straight, on behalf of the strong stock price trend core: the probability of afternoon inertial attack is larger, it is easy to break out short term dark horse.The trading adhere to the principle to form a reflex to execute, no longer look at the book win or lose, completely do the approach to the approach, the cut when the cut;Do not hesitate, procrastinate, fantasize, predict or be subjective;Adhere to how do I do disk go, there is no prediction only countermeasures.Opportunity is for those who are willing to work hard and see far.Reserved for those who are fully prepared and not subject to the ups and downs of the present market;Reserved for people with broad mind and strong will and excellent personality.