Fujian again “dark horse” : 27 years old “grassroots entrepreneurship”, 40 years old IPO bell ringing, market value 25.51 billion

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In the generally profitable game industry, who is the most profitable?A shares are the most “muffled sound rich” game company – gibbet.Jibit has always been low-key, the profitability of the a-share game top ten ranked the first.Xiamen Gibbet, A game company, has attracted the attention of the industry and investment market after its a-share listing.After the listing, Xiamen Jibitt’s stock market against the normal, ten consecutive days up and down, book floating surplus as high as 129,390 yuan.This has made chairman Lu Hong Yan’s value skyrocketed, once more than 10 billion yuan, among various billionaire lists.A shares fell endlessly, Xiamen jibit has been listed after 10 consecutive daily limit.Benefit also has hit the new shareholders, after 10 days of trading, lucky investors in just 10 days has been book surplus as high as 129390 yuan.By the end of February 14, 2022, Beijing time, The share price of Gibbit was 354.99 yuan/share, 300.99 yuan per share higher than its offering price of 54 yuan, and the total market value reached 25.511 billion yuan.Few people know the name of Gibbit except the players of the “Ask” series. Its prudent and conservative business strategy makes it A typical representative of “silent prosperity” in the A-share game sector: gross profit rate is over 90% and net profit rate is over 40%.Lu Hongyan, founder of Gibbet, is a rare genius with a very strong computer. “He can be said to be a technical genius, and his emotional intelligence is not low. Success is inevitable”.He is turning the market to mobile games, a series of mobile games launched in the online game world echo;His business from 500 thousand yuan to 9 billion yuan fortune legend?So what kind of entrepreneurial history does he have and why does he seem so different?Xiaobian specially sorted out lu Hong Yan information, for everyone as a model for reference and learning, but also hope that he can continue to work hard, do the vanguard and model of The Times, to set a good example for the people, to make more contributions to the society.So, who is Lu Hong Yan?Little is known about Lu Hong yan’s struggles online, and lu Hong has rarely given media interviews over the years.Fortunately, after xiaobian search search, finally found some clues about lu Hong Yan experience.Lu Hongyan, born in 1977 in Yantian District, Shenzhen, is a Chinese national with the right of permanent residence in Canada. He graduated from Tianjin University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and application.Current xiamen gigabit network technology co., LTD., controlling shareholders, actual controllers, chairman and general manager, director, legal representative, interactive network co., LTD., xiamen city thunder art 忛 (xiamen) network technology co., LTD., shenzhen drum wave investment management co., LTD., such as enterprise’s executive director, director xiamen thunder network technology co., LTD.Public information shows that Lu Hongyan, born in 1977, the first six id cards belong to “Yantian District, Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province”;At the age of 17, he was admitted to Tianjin University, majoring in Computer and Application.21 years after graduating from college, shenzhen ZTE Corporation, a former software engineer, then to Canada to study abroad for further study, as American SaliraOpticalNetworkSystemsInc development engineer;At the age of 27, xiamen Jibit Network Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established with a cash partnership of 500,000 yuan with Su Huazhou;Hired more than a dozen research and development personnel, in Xiamen rented a house began “grassroots entrepreneurship”, according to the division of labor, Lu Hongyan is responsible for game technology research and development, Su Huazhou is responsible for logistics support;When He was 29, Gibitt released The Ask and it was an instant hit, with more than 100,000 users and recouping its cost that year.At the age of 30, Gibbit absorbed IDG investment capital increase, IDG investment at the time to 2.63 million DOLLARS, obtained 19.05% of gibbit equity;At the age of 32, IDG Investment again paid 10 million yuan to Gibbit for capital increase, after the completion of IDG holding Gibbit equity increased to 23.43%;At the age of 34, he established a subsidiary company xiamen Hurricane Software Technology Co., LTD.The market value of Gibbit has increased 10 times from 150 million yuan when IDG entered the market to 1.5 billion yuan;In the same year, IDG sold the equity at a price of about 300 million yuan. In only 4 years, IDG earned about 270 million yuan.At the age of 35, he established xiamen Thunder Interactive Network Co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary, and served as the executive director.At the age of 37, registered and established Chengdu Xingyi Interactive Network Technology Co., LTD., as a director;At the age of 38, he was the executive director of Shenzhen Gulang Investment Management Co., LTD and Yi 忛(Xiamen) Network Technology Co., LTD.At the age of 40, he led Xiamen Gibbit Network Technology Co., Ltd. to be listed on the Main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock code: 603444), becoming the first company independently listed on the Main board of A-share in China. At the age of 41, he registered and established Xiamen Thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. as A director.At the age of 42, he ranked 747th on hurun Rich List 2019 with a fortune of 5.5 billion yuan.At the age of 43, he ranked 388th on the Hurun Rich List 2020 with a fortune of 14 billion yuan.At the age of 44, he ranked 802 on the Hurun Rich List 2021 with a fortune of 9 billion yuan.Founded in March 2004, Xiamen Jibit Network Technology Co., LTD., the first game company listed on the A-share main board, is A national key software enterprise specializing in the creative planning, research and development, production and commercial operation of online games, formerly known as Xiamen Jibit Network Technology Co., LTD.Lu Hongyan, a former ZTE engineer, returned to China to start her own business after studying in Canada, and Su Huazhou two people each pay 500,000 yuan to establish a software enterprise;In 2007, Gibbit officially launched The Ask and became an instant hit, with more than 100,000 online users. In that year, the cost was recovered, and two years later, the Online users of The Ask exceeded 900,000.Under the leadership of Lu Hongyan, Gibbbit soon realized its rise. In 2016, The company launched the “Ask” mobile game and operated it independently, realizing the refined operation of the game and effectively extending the life cycle of the product.In January 2017, Gibbit was officially listed on the main board of The Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 603444) at the offering price of 54 yuan, becoming the first game company to be independently listed on the Main board of the A-share market in China without backdoor. It is also another listed company in Xiamen after Meitu, the second largest Internet IPO company in Hong Kong.Before this, the main business of game companies were listed in China through the New Third Board, growth Enterprise Board, and backdoor channels.In terms of performance, the operating income of Gibbit in 2017, 2018 and 2019 was 1.44 billion yuan, 1.655 billion yuan and 2.17 billion yuan respectively;The operating revenue in 2020 was 2.742 billion yuan, up 26.35% year on year.Net profit of 1.046 billion yuan, up 29.32% year on year;In the first half of 2021, Gibbit achieved revenue of 2.387 billion yuan, up 69.41% year-on-year.The net profit of withholding non-returning parent was 705 million yuan, up 41.40% year on year.The latest financial results show that In the first three quarters of 2021, Gibbit’s main revenue of 3.485 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 70.05%;The mother’s net profit was 1.206 billion yuan, up 51.70% year on year;Non-deduction net profit of 1.002 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.57%, performance continued to rise.In addition, Since 2017, Gibbit has been selected as one of the “Top 100 Chinese Internet Enterprises with Comprehensive Strength” (the original “Top 100 Chinese Internet Enterprises” list) by Internet Society of China and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for five consecutive years.Since 2018, it has been listed in Forbes’ Best Under A Billion Asian Smes list for two consecutive years.Since 2019, it has been selected as “Top 100 Enterprises in Software and Information Technology Service Competitiveness” by China Electronic Information Industry Association for three consecutive times.The company’s stock has been listed in sse 180 Corporate Governance Index for two consecutive years, SSE Social Responsibility Index and SSE Corporate Governance Index for three consecutive years, and has been included in China Securities 500 Index, MSCI China Index, FTSE Global Equity Index series and S&P Emerging Markets Global Benchmark Index.Interestingly, su Huazhou, another founder of the company, sold all his shares in Gebit at a total price of 270 million yuan in 2012 due to differences in business development concepts.Previously, Su was responsible for administration, personnel, finance and business communications, and was the company’s joint largest shareholder with Lu Hong Yan.It is worth mentioning that the average gross margin of Gibbit in five years is 90%, and the company has become the highest price of a-share game stocks, comparable to Tencent. For this reason, some people call Gibbit “Moutai in the game industry”.On January 21, 2021, Xiamen Gebit Network Technology Co., Ltd. issued incentives to celebrate the Spring Festival in place, offering after-tax RMB 10,000 to employees who stay in their workplaces for the Spring Festival.The company has prepared about 9.3 million yuan of cash before tax (13,333 yuan per person before tax), which will be distributed on the 15th day of the first lunar month, according to an article published on its official account.Data reference: 1, “fujian business story remit | | gigabit (603444. SH) chairman Lou antibacterial rock, 2019 to 5.5 billion yuan wealth again topped hurun report” 2, “the west fujian business | hand hot style game!” MAO “value exceeds 40 billion, the xiamen boss who jump!”4. Xiamen Gibbet: Employees stay in the Mansion for the Spring Festival, and each gets 10,000 YUAN. 5.At the helm of maotai “game”, 9.2 billion “6,” from the leading industry and company series – gigabit “7,” “China’s first gold stock” zijin mining more than 96 times the share price, fujian enterprises gigabit [603444] govinda “king”, “epilogue: online Lou antibacterial rock is very little information, his name appeared most each year, Forbes rich listThere are even fewer pictures.The above experience can be seen some of Lu Hong Yan’s personality: adventurous, persistent, enterprising management, vision.The story of Lu Hong Yan’s fortune may bring some enlightenment to those who are struggling.Hope that the majority of entrepreneurs, also can understand from the big man’s story, so that their career has been enhanced, to a higher level.