Guo Jiawen and Lin Xuan Yu secretly contest, Liang Loshi reap the benefits of the fish, won the heart of Li Zekai

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Richard Li was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father li Ka-shing was the richest man in Hong Kong for many years.At 56, he’s had a lot of girlfriends, but none of them ended his relationship.He is a no problem singles, many beautiful young women flock to him, hoping to marry into the rich family to achieve a leap in class.Li tzar-kai’s current relationship is with his ex-girlfriend Leong Loh-shi.With nominal cummer Guo Jiawen feeling complicated and confusing;And “Dama goddess” Lin Xuan Yu is the gossip flying around.”Where there are women, there are fights.” This sentence fits well with Richard Li’s harem group.Guo Jiawen and Lin Xuan Yu secretly contest, Liang Loshi reap the benefits of the fish, won the heart of Li Zekai.Last year, “Malaysian goddess” Lin Xuan Yu in Michelle Yeoh’s introduction of the successful signing of Richard Li’s brokerage company, Richard Li’s attention.In order to take care of the goddess nearby, in the United States busy rich health insurance listed Li Zekai Lin Xuan Yu received a mansion to live in the United States, and spend a lot of money to ask a teacher to teach goddess qin chess painting and calligraphy, promote the temperament of the goddess.Under the special cultivation of Li Zekai, Lin Xuan Yu’s temperament multiplied and her painting skills improved rapidly, which made him very happy.Then he used his contacts to let Lin Xuan Yu received a lot of luxury brand endorsements, so that the goddess won a lot of income.In the New Year, Lin xuanyu posted beautiful photos on social media.I saw her sitting in the mansion, wearing a pale pink dress, face is permeated with a happy smile, the true individual appears youthful and do not break noble, like a woman who is moistened by love is good.Since winning the favor of Richard Li, Lin Xuan Yu often posted on the social platform, one is to win the endorsement of big brands, one is sweet couple photos, etc., all these are implying that she is very happy.Facing and Li Zekai’s gossip, Lin Xuanyu also only ambiguous response to the current only focus on career, no time to talk about feelings.However, it can be seen from her behavior that she still enjoys the title of “Gossip girlfriend” of Li Zekai, after all, she has earned a lot of real money for this title.And the scenery of the infinite Lin Xuan Yu, Li Zekai’s nominal girlfriend Guo Jiawen situation is very lonely.In recent years, she and Li Tzar-kai have been rumored to have broken up, although neither side has admitted the split, but they have long been inseparable.In the face of media attacks on Guo Jiawen, Richard Li did not come forward to defend her.In the New Year, Guo Jiawen wrote: if you can’t change the status quo, try changing your mentality.With Li Zekai association for 5 years, she gave her best youth to her boyfriend, and finally did not get a paper marriage, there is no heirs near the body, there is no chip to tie her boyfriend.Soon after, Guo jiawen posted beautiful photos of herself traveling in the New Year on social media.The picture shows her wearing a blue top and white skirt, carrying a red bag with a heart, and beaming with sadness.Underneath the image, she wrote: “Wish you all good things in pairs and wishes come true.”It also implies that she hopes her wish will come true and her relationship with Richard Li will be restored.At the beginning of the New Year, Lin Xuan Yu and Guo Jiawen began to contest, the war between two people is on the verge of breaking out.Richard Li, the source of the struggle, did not give any indication, and seemed to enjoy the beauty of his rivalry.Compared to Lin Xuan Yu and Guo Jiawen contest, Li Zekai’s former girlfriend Leong Loch shi’s day but lead a leisurely and comfortable, she has 3 sons alongside the body is not above this kind of fight.In the New Year, Loch Leong also updated her social media platform, wishing everyone a happy New Year and being in a good mood. It seems that Richard Li put aside his busy work to accompany her and create a warm family atmosphere with her for her 3 sons.Ms Leong, a shrewd woman with a good sense of the moment, gracefully broke up with Mr Li when he failed to give her credit, but kept custody of her three sons firmly in her hands.With the custody of 3 sons, she is not the same weight in Li Zekai’s heart after all.Usually, Leong loh-shi spent most of her time on raising her three sons. Under her careful education, the three sons became sensible little gentlemen, which also pleased Li Zekai, and she won his favor.Mr Li has only three sons from Ms Leong and has no plans to marry or have children in the future.When he retires, he is likely to leave his entire fortune to his three sons, so Leong is the winner.Leong treats the current situation of the state of mind is very peaceful, in Lin Xuan yu and Guo Jiawen in the contest to reap the benefits, but also won the favor of Richard Li.With the passage of time, Richard li also realized the importance of the family, the outside beauty is just a pastime in his spare time, he will eventually choose to return to the family, to give 3 sons a complete home.Some things are predetermined, not earned.Men who can become rich are experienced and know the purpose of beauty.Between them and the beauty is just take what they want, one for company, the other for profit.Offspring is a woman in the powerful magic weapon, many women can mother by son in the powerful family stand firm.Children are the crystallization of their parents’ love, the blood of their parents, this blood is always cut.Men and women also because of the child this bridge of communication, a lifetime inseparable.As a woman do not want to take a shortcut to obtain superior material conditions, every gain in life has been secretly marked the price, there is no free lunch, the harvest and pay is proportional to.We can’t lose our way in life and make decisions we regret.