His life by 3 grant major general, because of contradicting Lin Biao was sent to the northeast, by self-study medical art gaoshou to 100 years old

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After the founding of New China, in 1955, the CPC Central Committee decided to make outstanding contributions to the founding of new China’s generals and generals, for the ceremony of awarding military MEDALS, and this is the largest ceremony in Chinese history, in addition to generals, basically all the leaders of the Party, also at the ceremony.That title activity elected a total of ten founding marshal, ten founding general, general and lieutenant general also have many, among them the most is the rank of major general, up to thousands of people.Generally can be awarded major general ranks, is already a army in one of the few very good people, but also have a special person in our army, he not only in 1955 was awarded the major general ranks, during his lifetime, he was awarded a total of three major general, but he has a good future, but after against Lin biao was down, but in adversity he self-study skill lived 100 years.Twice successively awarded major general TongLuSheng in 1901 was born in hubei HuangBei County TongYunCheng his father was a revolution, talked with sun yat-sen met during studying in Japan, after due to the influence of sun yat-sen, and follow its together to carry on the revolutionary movement, because TongYunCheng performance is excellent, he was soon promoted to major general senate.Influenced by his father when he was young, Tong decided to serve his country as a soldier. Therefore, after graduating from middle school, Tong joined the Northern Lumberjack Army.During his participation in the revolutionary movement, Tong got acquainted with several Members of the Communist Party of China and had a deeper understanding of the communist Party of China. He believed that the Communist Party of China was his ideal party, so Tong also joined the Communist Party of China.In 1940, the central government transferred him to the anti-Japanese Military And Political University as a military professor to train more staff personnel for our side. At that time, the anti-Japanese Military and Political University was not yet established, and it was not mature in all aspects, even without systematic and complete teaching materials.After tong Lusheng became a professor of military affairs at the Anti-japanese Military Policy University, he compiled a relatively professional book as a teaching material within half a year based on his years of revolutionary experience and the classic cases he collected on the battlefield.Tong Lussheng’s excellent performance in the Anti-japanese Military and political University, so that the president Xu Guangda praised, in 1941 the eighth Route Army headquarters, decided to set up a special service for the war of resistance against Japanese senior staff room, Xu Guangda recommended Tong Lussheng to the chief person in charge of senior staff room Mister Zhu.Later, Tong Lusheng also successfully entered the gao Shen Room and was awarded the rank of major general for the first time, as major general counsellor.Tong Lusheng also had outstanding performance during that period and became zhu’s right-hand man.Tong Lusheng is in assist after the victory of war of resistance against Japan ends, kuomintang party wants to provoke civil war painstakingly however, at that time countrywide common people has been tortured by 14 years of long war of resistance against Japan painful, because this wants peaceful life.The people also wanted peace between the KUOMINTANG and the Communist Party, but Chiang kai-shek was determined to start a civil war for the sake of the Kuomintang.Just because of this, before the formal outbreak of the War of Liberation, there were some military conflicts between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. In order to solve this conflict, our side and the United States established a mediation group through contact.At that time because to deal with the Americans, you need to have a translator, of course, the personnel can not only act as a translator, it is best to have rich combat experience and intelligence gathering ability, the party Peng Boss heard this news, that Tong Lusheng is a suitable candidate.After peng recommended Tong Lusheng, by many people’s recognition, therefore, the Party Central Committee finally decided to let Tong Lusheng with Premier Zhou went to Chongqing to assist Premier Zhou.At that time tong Lusheng was awarded the rank of major general and went as a senior staff officer.It was the second time in tong’s life that he was awarded the rank of major general.Three won major general, unique arrived in Chongqing tong Lusheng, in addition to the various meetings with premier Zhou, the Meaning of the United States will accurately convey to premier Zhou, but also cooperate with my other comrades in the party to collect military intelligence, in order to prevent the military during the collaboration to make some harm our interests.Therefore, following the negotiations of Premier Zhou Tong Lusheng, the responsibility and task no less than premier Zhou, so that period of time Tong Lusheng, also is very hard, but everything pays off, Tong Lusheng also made good achievements, because through tong Lusheng’s careful observation, he did find some of Chiang Kai-shek’s conspiracy.In April 1946, Chiang kai-shek suddenly attack to our army in the northeast liberated areas, and some unknown people and foreign thought is hobnobbing with mixed failure, and actually the war with the kuomintang, the communist party is not willing to see, on the other hand, violate the people fight the kuomintang (KMT) party, has seriously affected the image of the communist party love peace.Therefore, in order to eliminate the unknown the truth, for the misunderstanding of the communist party of China, premier zhou soon with the help of TongLuSheng, held a press conference and to the Chinese and foreign reporters Chiang kai-shek to expose the conspiracy, and premier zhou at the press conference all illustrated, is he in the spy on truthful and accurate information.This press conference held, also let the Chinese and foreign aspects understand that the Kuomintang side is deliberately to provoke a fight.Therefore, although Tong Lusheng, together with Premier Zhou, did not succeed in coordinating with the Kuomintang party, tong Lusheng exposed Chiang Kai-shek’s plot, which was also a successful completion of the task.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Tong mainly served as director of the Fourth Bureau of the Military Commission and director of the military library, and director of the Military Publication Bureau of the Military Training Department and director of the military library. At the ceremony of conferment of military titles in 1955, Tong was awarded the rank of major general for the third time.In adversity, heal the wounded and save the dying originally Tong Lusheng has a very good development prospects, but he was honest in a meeting in 1959, angered the Lin Shuai that had entered the wrong path at that time.After that, Lin Shuai will pass some means to tong Lusheng, decentralized to the remote northeast region, Tong Lusheng in the previous few to the northeast region, and he was already old, so to the northeast region of Tong Lusheng, it is difficult to adapt to the local life.In addition, the local conditions he provided for him were also very poor. Eventually, Tong Lu was infected with wind and cold and his physical condition was declining day by day.But Tong continued to exercise every day to improve his physique. In his spare time, Tong also studied medical books by himself. After a period of time, Tong was even able to treat some common diseases for himself.After tong lusheng’s medical skills matured, he also enthusiastically treated the local poor people free of charge.Therefore, although living conditions in northeast China are difficult, they are still able to enjoy themselves, and local people have a high opinion of Tong Lusheng.In 1978, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China sent Tong back to work as a consultant in a hospital.After studying medicine, He was able to detect physical discomfort and treat it, so he lived longer than his peers, reaching the age of 100, before dying in 2001.Summary: It is not difficult to find that Tong Lusheng’s life is happy. He was awarded the rank of major general three times in his life, which can be said to be full of honor. It can also be clearly seen that tong Lusheng in the first half of his life, mainly focused on defending his country.And tong Lusheng, who had made many achievements originally, should have a very good prospect of development. However, his career unfortunately suffered setbacks in 1959, but Tong Lusheng was still positive and optimistic about life, maintained confidence and taught himself medicine.Tong Lusheng medical skills made a certain achievement, but also with a kind heart free rescue the wounded.His optimistic attitude and medical skills helped him to live a long life of 100 years and enjoy the good life in New China for a longer time. Therefore, although Tong Lusheng had suffered misfortune in the latter half of his life, his life was generally happy and perfect.