Is car extended warranty a pit?Do you know anything about it?Who is suitable to buy vehicle extended warranty?

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Do you know the car extended warranty?Have you ever bought an extended warranty for your car?I believe that many car owners in the process of buying a car and keeping a car, have met in the 4S shop to promote the vehicle extended warranty service, basically all manufacturers of quality warranty accessories, extended warranty service can extend the quality warranty time.But do you really know about the extended warranty?What is the vehicle extended warranty?Simply put, the extended warranty is to sign a paid extension of a certain period of time or kilometers of warranty service in advance after your vehicle exceeds the warranty period provided by the vehicle factory.Our vehicles are generally 3 years or 60,000km first to the principle of warranty, extended warranty can be on this basis to increase a certain number of years and mileage, use more assured.Of course, the extended warranty of vehicles is not consistent, and different companies of different brands provide different paid services. Some of the warranty is for the continuation of the whole vehicle, and some may only be core components. If you want to sign the contract, you must know the contract content in advance.Who is suitable to buy vehicle extended warranty?For most people who don’t know anything about cars, hearing about the extended warranty service for the first time is great!It feels like you’re buying inner security, but the truth is, an extended warranty isn’t for everyone.Automobile extended warranty does provide more protection in terms of quality assurance, but this premise is that you need to carry out maintenance services in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer. If the contract stipulates that you must maintain in 4S, then basically you must maintain in 4S shop during the warranty period and the extended period.Although the current maintenance price of 4S is not expensive, but compared with some e-commerce and offline stores, the price is small and expensive, and there is excessive maintenance and consumption of 4S, if the extended warranty is purchased, the overall cost of maintenance in the extended warranty period is small and expensive.Another is that the extended warranty is like buying commercial insurance for vehicles. What you pay for is protection against unknown risks. You may not need them for decades, but you may get your money back by using them once.If you think so, it is not recommended that you buy the extended warranty service: the model you buy has a good reputation, and there is basically no problem with the core components of the new and old models.If you do not know how to determine, you can check the approximate failure rate of the same model through a quality website, or go to the forum to see the feedback of the old owner, or ask the old owner’s word of mouth when maintaining is very important.Daily use of the car is more cherish, the mileage can be controlled at about 10,000 kilometers per year, the replacement cycle is basically in 3-5 years or so, appropriate to understand a little vehicle knowledge is the best.So if you meet the above characteristics, the vehicle extended warranty service has no purchase significance.If the stability of the core components of the car you buy is uncertain, AND I do not understand the car, maintenance is ignorant, and not bad for the extended warranty of 18,000 yuan, then it is appropriate to spend money to buy an extended warranty.After all, what happens to someone else is a story, and what happens to you is an accident!Conclusion: Although some models of some brands do have problems, it cannot be ruled out that the core components may need large consumption after the warranty period is exceeded, but generally this kind of model rarely has extended warranty service, and most of the extended warranty service is sold by models with low failure rate.In fact, it is better to buy than to sell, if the extended warranty models often have problems, then no one will dare to do this business.Of course, for certain people, buying an insurance policy against unknown risks can be a good thing.I am a walking new energy vehicle, share simple and practical car purchase, car small knowledge, look forward to growing together, welcome to pay attention to the message or private letter discussion!