Milk every day, but do you really know how to choose?Look at the expert’s “milk selection strategy”

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Milk is very common in daily life, both adults and children are encouraged to drink milk every day.Xiao Bu found that there are many kinds of milk drinks on the market today. In addition to pure milk, there are breakfast milk, high calcium milk, skim milk, children’s milk and so on. What is the difference between these milk drinks?How to choose?Follow The clinical nutrition department of Yan Chai Hospital Dr. Xie Weijia to unlock the “milk selection strategy”!● ● Breakfast milk is estimated that we buy breakfast milk, one is attracted by the name, that breakfast milk nutrition is more healthy, suitable for drinking in the morning;Second, they are attracted to taste. Breakfast milk tastes better than regular milk.In fact, it is not difficult to see from the ingredients table of breakfast milk, besides milk, many essence, milk essence and food emulsifier were added in breakfast milk, so its nutritional content is lower than common milk.High calcium milk is called high calcium milk. In accordance with the provisions of The National standard GB28050-2011 general Rules for Nutrition Labeling of Prepaged Foods, only products with calcium content in 100ml food exceeding 15% of the nutrient reference value can be labeled as high calcium products.In other words, the calcium content of high calcium milk should be at least 120mg/100ml higher.But most of the calcium in high-calcium milk is fortified calcium carbonate or other calcium, not the calcium lactate found in regular milk, which is not well absorbed by the body.In addition, milk is already high in calcium, so if you want to get more calcium, just drink more.Defatted milk defatted milk, just as the name implies it is adipose take out in milk, because this gets the favour of crowd of fitness, reducing weight.In fact, while skimmed milk is skimmed, the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K are also taken off.From the point of view of nutrition, skim milk is not as good as ordinary milk, for healthy people, it is not recommended to drink skim milk, if you think that drinking whole milk will be fat, you can choose low-fat milk.But for the “three high” crowd, it is recommended to choose skim milk.Baby’s milk Baby’s milk is not superior to regular milk.Most children’s milk is on the basis of regular milk, and some extra sugar (such as granulated sugar, fructose, etc.) and other ingredients.At present, there are at least 5 additives in children’s milk drinks on the market, and some of them are not recommended to be added in children’s food, so it is not recommended for children to eat them.What are the keys to choosing good milk?★ Milk is usually drunk for good protein and calcium.In fresh milk, the specified protein content should be greater than or equal to 2.9g.Therefore, it mainly depends on the protein content.★ The higher the solid content of non-fat milk, the better the quality of milk, you can choose the shelf life of 3-7 days of fresh milk.If you don’t have time to shop regularly, you can choose milk at room temperature, which has less loss of protein and calcium.★ When buying dairy products, the simpler the better. The most common pasteurized milk retains the most nutrients and is preferred.★ High calcium milk and skim milk are generally suitable for special people to drink, the general public is not recommended to buy daily drinking, advocating rational consumption, drink out of health.Text: Li Li Editor: Wu Yan