New Year Tim jubilant “tiger baby” scrambling to report

2022-04-26 0 By

With the arrival of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar, the “tiger babies” are also eager to report for duty. Let’s have a look at these cute little ones!This little baby slept is present, suzhou city hospital is one of the first batch of new born baby tiger – deng deng, weight 6 jins of 5 two, is a strong and lovely brother “tiger”, at the moment he is quietly she lie in her mother’s side, from time to time shaking little feet as if in the perception of this new world, and the creation of a new life, also added to the family full of happiness.Deng deng’s parents introduced that the child was born at 6 PM on 1st, and everyone was very excited because the maternal due date is 13th, and we thought that the baby would not be born during the Chinese New Year, but did not expect the child to be born on the first day of the Chinese New Year.This year’s “tiger baby” group is strong, according to statistics, from the first day of the New Year to 11 o ‘clock today, the city hospital maternity department has welcomed 104 tiger babies born.Medical staff in delivery rooms are on 24-hour duty to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the safety of mothers and babies.Suzhou city hospital obstetrics administrative director Zhu Liping introduction, the hospital each post has arranged personnel, generally speaking, or relatively smooth operation.The first batch of mothers who gave birth naturally have basically been discharged from the hospital, wishing these babies born in the Year of the Tiger a healthy and lively growth.Editor: Wu Hao