Qi Wei and Lee Seung-hyun walk through the airport, wearing a suit and small black pants, high class and chic, as a supermodel

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A lot of girls are terrified of getting older, thinking that the older you get, the less fashionable you will be.But in fact, our performance of the state of mind or their own state of mind, like Qi Wei is a good proof.Although she has married children, but the whole person is still full of girlish feeling, in the dress aspect also dare to challenge all kinds of novel styles.This time, he wore a patchwork suit and a baseball cap to crush the crowd.Qi Wei and Lee Cheng-hyun walk to the airport, wearing a suit with small black pants advanced and stylish, not losing the aura of a supermodel!Qiwei suit modeling analysis: suit style is more and more diverse, want to show their own different style and charm, might as well learn about qiwei this time collocation.She chose a black suit with a lambasted cuff.This style is so distinctive that it definitely catches the eye on the body and stands out among the many girls who wear plain colored suits.It’s just spring, so wearing lamb hair under a suit won’t look out of place, and it’ll keep you warm.Qi Wei’s collocation this time actually makes a good demonstration for us. When we choose this kind of clothing, we can try to splice the design, whether it is element splicing or fabric splicing, it will have a very good effect.Mature girls may be more strict about figure management, because the metabolism is slow, the body is easy to grow fat, so at this time, we might as well choose black clothing, in the visual play a thin role.Qiwei’s suit is black, with black tights on the lower body to make her figure look perfect.A hoodie paired with an ensemble of grey hoodies is not only great for everyday use, but can also be used to create a particularly stylish look.Like this light gray brings advanced feeling, we do not feel wide and loose dress can appear the whole person does not have spirit.Just pick a shorter hoodie and pair it with high-waisted pants to create the perfect ratio.In fact, we do not need to worry about casual suits wearing on the body is not fashionable, like Qi Wei prepared a yellow leather bag, this bag makes the modeling look more bright.If we choose a solid color outfit, we can choose a bright bag as decoration, which will definitely catch the eye and break the monotony of color.A spring coat is a must-have outfit, and it’s so easy to wear one before you leave the house.But at this time, we should also pay attention to the choice of style to create a more fashionable shape, dark blue chequered coat version wide and loose, can not only play a thin effect, but also make the whole person look very neutral wind cool feeling.Pilot jacket is really cool to wear on the body, and military green into them, but also can create a chic charm.Because this dress version is relatively loose, so I suggest that we learn from Qi Wei, in which with a hoodie, it looks more hierarchical, such a set of modelling really who wear who cool.Dress with skirt is a very attractive dress for girls, but there are so many styles of dress, so some girls do not know how to match to choose the most suitable for themselves.Qiwei’s dress this time combines cheongsam design with bubble sleeves, presenting diversified beauty in style.They flatter shoulders, they cover up arms and, most importantly, they make the look more playful.Cheongsam is a kind of dress with Chinese characteristics, but when attending some fashion occasions, the traditional cheongsam may not be enough to attract attention.Sequins blend in to add luster and shine to the look.The cuffs of this qipao are split, full of smart beauty, every move is feminine.Cardigans are a great way to pair them with an early spring cardigan, as opposed to a more casual blazer.Perhaps most fairies used to start with solid color cardigans, in fact, like Qi Wei with small print more personal style is also more bright.Although a complete set of modelling is based on light color department, but such a small bright color department printing, can have the effect that makes the finishing point however.Qi Wei really can handle a variety of styles easily, but it’s not just because of her looks, but also because she dares to experiment.So in life, we don’t stick to one style too much, challenge a few different clothes, and you may find that you can also become a goddess of style in the eyes of others.Statement: Original text, pictures from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you./ 2