Square city public security: the masses mobile phone accidentally lost police skillfully with mobile phone positioning back

2022-04-26 0 By

On the afternoon of February 2, 2022, Qinghe Police Station of Fangcheng County Public Security Bureau received a call for help from the public, who said that he lost his mobile phone carelessly while taking a walk after lunch. There was very important information in it, which was of great significance to him. He requested the police to help him find it.After receiving help, qinghe police station on duty immediately began to check.Police while leading the alarm to inquire nearby residents, while arranging the alarm to call the lost mobile phone, but the mobile phone has been turned on but no one to answer the state, looking for a needle in a haystack.In communication with Ms. Zhao, the police learned that Ms. Zhao has a mobile phone in hand, can provide the location of the lost mobile phone area, the police immediately used the mobile phone to query the mobile phone movement track, and along the road to the south to find.Looking for the way, a middle-aged man to see the police are looking for mobile phones for the masses, take the initiative to show that he just picked up a smart phone, and on the spot to the police mobile phone.After checking without error, the police returned the mobile phone to Ms. Zhao.See the lost and recovered mobile phone, Ms. Zhao excitedly took the police constantly thank, and the police enthusiasm for serving the people work attitude to praise and praise.