The comprehensive durability of Fengling bell in “Pokemon” is not bad, but it has the dream of doing output?

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In animation, the wind chime bell as kojiro once had a dream of treasure can be known, but because of kojiro wind chime bell affectionately, so the audience it is difficult to see a wind chime bell have actually how to play against, it is used every time come out to the cure of the bell, give us a feeling of wind chime bell is walking auxiliary, but what’s interesting is that although wind chime bell does have to do a base of auxiliary,However, before the 7th generation was increased durability, the race value gave people the illusion that it was output – and even after the 7th generation increased durability by 30 points, now the highest race value of fengling bell is output, so, is Fengling bell really suitable for output hand?Wind Chimes: Attributes (superpower), characteristics (floating).Have the dream of doing output, but instead more suitable for doing auxiliary interference.Yes, wind chime bell racial value body is the most prominent is the foundation of the 95 attack, but note that the attributes are superheros force system of the wind chime bells, pure chaoneng force system output panel and not the best output, it’s difficult to make a wind chime bell take responsibility as a core output hand, although it is true that the wind chime bell has improved skills such as meditation,However, compared with similar super power systems, Fengling Ling has no competitive advantage. The value of 65 speed is embarrassing, so that fengling Ling output can only be a dream. On the contrary, fengling Ling 75/80/90 durability can attract players’ attention, after all, the conventional durability is not bad.Plus because of wind chime bells are superheros force system, so the wind chime bell can learn to do many auxiliary interference, so taking secondary interference line became a regular play wind chime bell – or wind chime bell can indeed make appropriate appropriate consumption, output is not the mainstream of the wind chime bell but do play, because compared with wind chime bell, have more and better chaoneng force system attack hand can choose,However, fengling ling also has a lot of competition as an auxiliary interference, because the awkward speed of 65 is difficult to win the first hand right, and in singles, props such as scarves may even be needed to help speed up, which leads to the use of fengling Ling ling bottleneck is easy to see.Recommended with recruit: Healing wish + magic space/Electromagnetic wave + hypnosis + mental intensity recommended with recruit (strengthen flow) :Meditation + mental mindfulness + shadow ball + energy ball/grass knot/magic shine Although Xiao Er does not think fengling Ling can really play the reinforcement flow to the best, but here I still say the reinforcement flow with moves, the reinforcement basically is to strengthen the three attacks, but the lack of speed of this play fengling Ling ling,Doubles let teammates help speed is hard to find improved timing (singles but also the characteristics of floating find transit opportunities), then the normal play of the wind chime bell will remain predominantly secondary interference plus a little output consumption ability, can through the way of open space or is the use of electromagnetic wave to the other party or a full speed,Wish of healing and hypnosis can create better output for teammates.Well,, the above is the two of fengling bell against some personal views, no wonder xiaojiro not to play fengling bell, because the ability to play fengling bell is really very limited,