Yang Mi knows how to play cool, wearing a classic black suit with a retro scarf, modern look

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As we all know, black suit is a classic item that goes with everything, which is perfectly suitable for people to wear properly on formal occasions. Black color is dull and mysterious, so it is a category that can be widely chosen for most people.For black suit clothes, it is the essence of wearing in formal occasions. Although the color looks relatively uniform, there will be small changes in the pattern design and length changes, so we can fully choose black clothes with diverse styles to show their charm and achieve multiple levels of charm modeling.Chinese New Year to wear a suit to “out of the ordinary”, reference Yang Mi’s concave modeling suit to wear, too sa, fashionable essence people learn, classic black suit charm changes, easy to unlock trendy fashion.Black is the first choice for suits, which can be used to create a glamorous and fashionable look, whether it’s a concave shape for daily life or a decent one for formal occasions.A black suit, fashion restoring ancient ways collocation fold wear rules make modelling from the overall, black suit is nothing special, but it has a small change in the detail design, such as design of shoulder pads or is an extended version of the profile modification of the model can be easily show a trend of personality, at the same time in the process of collocation can also enjoy wonderful deductive fashion.Generally speaking, the classic style of suit clothes in the version of the slim and silhouette, and in formal occasions choose more is the slim version, with a white shirt in the conventional way is very good, simple fashion, very decent and charm.Inside take ma3 jia3, in contrast to the vintage scarves, suit dress more in daily life is given priority to with profile version, which can enrich one outfit, show a changeful modelling aesthetic feeling, at the same time to evolution in retro fashion is also a good idea to take a vest and shirt, scarves and other accessories sheet is tasted can fully show the languid is lazy, along with the gender, personality, fashion, changeful modelling elegant demeanour.For the classic black dress collocation, it is suggested that we use the same color to wear matching rules or color matching rules to apply, the fashion sense will be stronger.For example, with a dark gray vest, the texture of the same fabric looks very light and luxurious, and from the perspective of color matching, it is also very eye-pleasing.At the same time, under the matching action of the classic black suit dress with long profile, the silk scarf of dark color collision style is used to enrich the model. The collision effect of dark brown and peacock green is extremely eye-catching and attractive.Accordingly, fashionable person of talent and fashionable essence people might as well refer to rise, savour feeling of subsequent individual also can multiply greatly.Black suit ever wear a train of thought in the long black suit with burrs jeans for the suit is one of the classic category item, in the fashion design and the fabric texture of clothing are quite different, tweed fabrics relatively small sweet wind black suit will match more temperament, than it is to wear a regular, partial neutral wind female charm will be more better.Meanwhile, in the process of choosing jacket of suit of small sweet wind of black to come collocation, still can make full use of the glamour tie-in means of missing law of lower half body to increase sexy lasting appeal, show the one side that gives extremely hold up a person.Among them, it is a good choice to choose the same color of the burr black shorts with it.The fashionable collocation of black small fragrant coat and black shorts, from the point of view of length, increases the charm and beauty with a fashion effect of invisibility in the lower body. At the same time, under the action of the collocation of shorts, the slim and slender leg lines show the distinctive charm and beauty, looking thin and individual, and charming.The least you can do in daily life is wear sexy clothes. Generally speaking, you will choose loose-fitting clothes, and the same can be done in the process of wearing black suits.For example, pair a black silhouette suit with long, black, wide-legged floor pants.A garment in the version of the design to contain the body with a very loose sense of design, combined with the black slimming effect and long wide leg pants draping sense, to avoid lowering the height of the individual, so as to show a rich sense of modeling, simple fashion and charm.Black velvet suit fabric on the modelling of different enough to reflect the unique charm of feeling, one to select the black velvet with a black suit, dress is so so, black suit dress, although from under the effects of the unity of the color looks dull, but under the smooth texture of velvet fabrics can also show a glow look slightly dignitaries.For older women with temperament, it is very good to choose black velvet suit clothes to match. Whether you choose suit pants of the same color or short skirt, you can fully show the sense of light luxury, and look very tasteful, very advanced and stylish.