1 billion liquidated damages + maximum salary renewal!14 crown king beware of greater Paris, to retain the team prince

2022-04-27 0 By

Mbappe and Harland are the most prominent of the new generation of footballers.But real Madrid’s crown prince, Vinicius is also a rare talent.Venicius has only two years left on his current contract with real Madrid, and the player’s current salary is just 3 million euros.This has left venicius in search of a big wage deal and it emerged last month that real were in talks to extend his contract.But with 15 goals and 11 assists this season, the attitude has changed.Asking for the same salary as Mbappe.This makes real Madrid a little unprepared, after all, they did not expect Vinicius so soon gone with the wind.The extension has been put on hold, but mbappe is likely to move to Real Madrid in the summer.It is likely to provoke greater Paris to launch a retaliatory move for Real Madrid, with regards to Vinicius.Leonardo made an offer to real Madrid for the Brazilian talent two years ago.If Mbappe leaves, greater Paris are likely to force vinicius out with a penalty.Real do not want to be forced to pay the same penalty as Barcelona, so this week will resume negotiations with Vinicius.This time, Real Madrid wants to directly offer the team’s maximum salary, although certainly not up to Mbappe’s level of 30 million euros, but also the current real Madrid team’s top level.And it will also raise the penalty to 1 billion euros, so that Greater Paris give up the idea of strong digging.It can only be said that Real Madrid do take a long view, ahead of the future action of the Greater Paris.It’s up to Vinicius to decide whether he wants to play on the biggest stage in the world and stay with 14-time champions Real Madrid, or pursue the highest salary in the world and move to Greater Paris.