Apple stopped giving away EarPods for phones such as the iPhone 13/12 sold in France

2022-04-27 0 By

Apple has confirmed that it will no longer provide free EarPods for every iPhone sold in France (including the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 series, etc.), citing the environmental benefits of the thinner iPhone case due to the lack of chargers and earphones.In an update to apple’s French website, the company no longer states that EarPods will be included in the packaging of any of its iphones.Apple now lists only the iPhone unit and a USB-C to Lightning cable.Earlier in January, a notice issued by the French carrier indicated that Apple would no longer include EarPods in the packaging of iphones sold in France as of January 24.Under previous French law, Apple was legally obliged to include EarPods in the box because the risks of exposing the developing brain to electromagnetic waves were unclear.A new Law passed in France no longer requires smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung to include headphones in their boxes.Instead, they must make sure compatible headphones are available separately as an optional accessory.Starting with the iPhone 12 series in 2020, Apple removed EarPods and power adapters from all iPhone cases.Apple’s decision has caused controversy in some countries and regions, with the tech giant facing a $2 million fine in Brazil.