Arms orders stolen?France signed a $10.8 billion deal with China after publicly retaliating against the US, UK and Australia

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Relying on its own powerful comprehensive strength, the US government has always adhered to the hegemonic policy and fought for greater interests for itself in this way.Earlier, the United States, Britain and Australia also reached the so-called AUKUS agreement, which promised to provide Australia with nuclear submarine technology, in Australia’s view, this action will be a significant increase in its military strength.Just because the three countries signed this agreement, Australia took the initiative to tear up its submarine contract with France, which brought considerable economic losses to France.Based on this situation, the French government also took active actions to strive for interests through its own actions, while taking “revenge” against the United States, Britain and Australia.In fact, the AUKUS agreement signed by the United States, The United Kingdom and Australia aroused widespread concern immediately after it was announced. The French government reacted strongly and quickly, saying that Australia’s action of tearing up the contract was quite “shameless”, and at the same time said that it would make claims against it.In the latest news, Reuters reported on October 10 that France and Indonesia had signed an arms sale contract involving 42 French Rafale fighter jets worth $8.1 billion, highlighted by French Defense Minister Parly.In his speech, Parley also stressed that India was the first country in the Indo-Pacific region to enter into a contract with France to import Rafale fighter jets.Now Indonesia will become the second Indo-Pacific country to introduce the French fighter jets after opting to sign an arms deal with France.In fact, Indonesia said last December that it would not buy Russian Su-35 fighter jets, mainly because of budget constraints.France’s Rafale and the US’s F-15EX will be considered after that, and now that Indonesia and France have signed an arms deal, it means that the order has been won by France.France’s intention to cooperate with China has become the focus of the international community after it successfully blocked this arms deal with Hu jintao.Recently, China and France completed the signing of the fourth round of demonstration projects in third-party market cooperation, including new energy and infrastructure construction, with a total value of 1.7 billion US dollars (about 10.8 billion yuan).After the signing of this agreement, the cooperation between China and France will be further deepened and their own interests will develop rapidly.The so-called third-party market cooperation means that China and France cooperate in the market of other countries and regions and jointly participate in the bidding activities. After the successful bidding, they will divide the labor according to their respective advantages.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu