Dushan County held 2021 statistical annual report and 2022 statistical reporting business training meeting

2022-04-27 0 By

In order to implement the national, provincial and state decision-making and deployment of statistical work, the county will earnestly complete the 2021 statistical annual report and 2022 statistical report.On February 17, Dushan County Bureau of Statistics organized the 2021 statistical annual report and 2022 statistical reporting business training meeting, the town (Jingcheng street office), the county straight industry supervision departments and some key enterprises statisticians, a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting.The meeting notified our county 2021 main economic indicators to complete the situation and the towns (streets), regulatory departments of enterprise cultivation into storage.Requirements of the meeting: First, improve the political standing and enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of statistical work.County’s economic and social development results need statistical data to reflect, the quality of statistical data is good or bad, whether it can effectively reflect the economic development results, need statisticians to pay attention to the degree of statistical work, highly responsible, must pay attention to statistical work from the ideological, research statistical work, do a good job in statistics.Second, fulfill legal obligations and report statistical data well in accordance with laws and regulations.It is the legal obligation for enterprises to provide the statistical data needed for statistical investigation in a true, accurate, complete and timely manner, and they must strictly observe the bottom line of statistical work, conscientiously implement the national statistical system and norms for all industries, and ensure that the numbers are based on them.Third, we will grasp the timing and complete the annual report on time with both quality and quantity guaranteed.Each unit must grasp the time node and schedule requirements, scientific and reasonable arrangement of report tasks, timely to the supervision of the enterprise to do a good job of guidance, prompt reporting, to ensure that the completion of the report tasks on time, to provide statistical services for the high-quality development of county economy.Meeting also around the statistical laws and regulations knowledge, labor wages, a table, a table, industrial scale and scale of the following sampling industry, science and technology, energy, real estate, construction, small construction of qualification, investment, small micro enterprises investment, scale of service industry, some institutions, limitation above business, under the limit sample training business statistics training etc.Through the training, the statisticians of all towns (streets), relevant departments and enterprises can further improve their statistical business ability, enhance the awareness of statistical laws and regulations, and lay a solid foundation for carrying out high-quality statistical filling and improving data quality in the future.The meeting