Get an iPhone12Pro Max that can last another four years with a battery change

2022-04-27 0 By

The Spring Festival is the peak time for people to change mobile phones, and it is also the best time to buy a second mobile phone.Because most people will choose to sell the second mobile phone to pay back their blood, especially those in need of money during the Spring Festival.A netizen bought a second-hand iPhone12Pro Max just a year ago, costing only 5,300 yuan!Isn’t it very cool? Normally, it’s hard to buy iPhone12Pro at this price, let alone iPhone12Pro Max.The quality of the key machine is excellent, and there is almost no problem.Of course, the test report is all green, without any abnormal data, battery efficiency is only 83%, this is the only shortcoming of the machine.As long as the price is right, the battery will be useless, and I can still fight for another four years by changing the battery. Do you think the iPhone12Pro Max will last four years?As can be seen from the machine, the machine is the national version, the memory is 128GB.If you want to know whether the machine has changed data, is not a black machine, there is no ID lock, network lock and so on.We need to use serial numbers to query the machine machine report, this is also a very important step before buying a machine, let’s have a look.The screen shot is the overall report of this iPhone12Pro Max. It can be seen that the model is 128GB blue, the network model is A2412, and the activation date is November 2020, which has passed the warranty period.It is not a resource machine/official machine /ID machine/dirty machine/black card sticking machine (without network lock and carrier)/lending device/black machine;Full netcom 5G, sales place in China (China Bank), not sent to repair and so on.The data of the machine report and the machine test report are completely in line with each other, without modifying the underlying data. Through manual test, it is judged that the machine is not a refurbished machine, and the screen has not been changed, and the privacy analysis data is normal, etc.It’s a normal second cell phone.Safety, second-hand iPhone although cost-effective, but the risk is very high, if you are small white, don’t think about picking up, honestly get a new machine, after all, the risk of picking up is very high, no good test machine technology, it is easy to overturn.