Jining each county urban area latest data, who is the poorest?Who is the richest?Who is rising?Who’s in decline?

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Pay attention to me, take you to understand jining the freshest information!The Spring Festival has passed, and 2022 is about to enter the middle of February. Jining’s four districts, two cities and seven counties have released their GDP data for 2021. Let’s take a look at the specific performance of each county and urban area.First look at the GDP data and ranking of Jining 5 districts, 2 cities and 7 counties: The ranking of Jining 4 districts, 2 cities and 7 counties in 2021 is the same as that in 2020. Although Jining is like a “reduced version” of Shandong, the economic development of districts and counties is relatively balanced, but it also forms a more obvious echelon.Zoucheng as the appearance level of Jining economy, a ride of dusting, although it is a shame that this year failed to break through 100 billion yuan mark, but the future can be;Three of the four districts in Jining, Rencheng, Yanzhou and Gaoxin, have all broken the 50 billion mark;Weishan, Qufu station 40 billion yuan;The integration of Jiaxiang and Jingkai District is developing well. It has reached the mark of 30 billion yuan, while other counties and urban areas liangshan, Wenshang, Jinxiang, Yutai and Sishui are at 20 billion yuan.Taibai Lake New Area, led by “One Core”, also exceeded 5 billion yuan, with an estimated GDP of 5.5 billion yuan.It can also be seen from the above that Zoucheng city with 93 billion yuan is 16.9 times that of Taibai Lake New Area with 5.5 billion yuan.Let’s take a look at the GDP increment of jining’s 4 districts, 2 cities and 7 counties in 2021 relative to 2020: The nominal GDP increment ranking of the 4 districts, 2 cities and 7 counties is relatively consistent with the GDP ranking, indicating that “the strong remain strong while the weak remain weak”, but some districts and counties have achieved incremental surpass.For example, the GDP increment of Jiaxiang County in 2021 is 3.866 billion yuan, exceeding the GDP increment of Qufu City in 2021 by 3.75 billion yuan. Jiaxiang County only stands on the mark of 30 billion yuan, while Qufu city is on the scale of 40 billion yuan.The GDP increment of Jinxiang county and Yutai County in 2021 has surpassed that of Wenshang County in front of them.The following chart shows the ranking of the nominal GDP growth rate of Four districts, two cities and seven counties in Jining in 2021: Yutai County topped the list with a nominal growth rate of 17.7%, followed by Zoucheng city with a nominal growth rate of 16.55%. In addition, Jiaxiang County and Taibai Lake New Area also performed well.Compared with the nominal growth rate of 12.8% in Jining district, yanzhou, Gaoxin, Weishan, Qufu, Liangshan, Wenshang, Jinxiang and Sishui are lower than this average.Among them, Surabaya, which has the lowest GDP in Jining, also has the last nominal growth rate, only 9.46%, ranking at the bottom.In terms of total GDP, increment and growth rate, Surabaya has become the most ambitious city among the 4 districts, 2 cities and 7 counties of Jining.In 2021, the per capita GDP of The total population of Jining is 60,648 yuan, which exceeds the average of zoucheng, Yanzhou, Gaoxin, Weishan and Qufu, less than half of the four districts, two cities and seven counties.Thanks to its location and functional advantages, the high-tech zone ranked first with a per capita GDP of 152,420 yuan, while Taibai Lake New Area ranked last due to its different functional positioning.As can be seen from the above data, Zoucheng is still outstanding, Rencheng District, Yanzhou District and high-tech Zone are still the key development direction of Jining, Qufu and Weishan are still the backbone, and Sishui County still needs to make more efforts.(Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!)