Latest publicity!The list of wuhan Learning Lei Feng activity demonstration sites and post models has come

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In order to promote the in-depth development of learning From Lei Feng in Wuhan, the publicity Department of CPC Wuhan Municipal Committee will name the seventh batch of “Wuhan Learning from Lei Feng Demonstration Sites” and “Wuhan Post Learning from Lei Feng pacesetters” ahead of the “Learning from Lei Feng Day” in 2022.The 29 “Demonstration sites of Learning Lei Feng in Wuhan” and 30 “Role models of Learning Lei Feng in Wuhan” will be publicized to the public (ranked in no particular order).If you have any objection to the above objects, please call us.Publicity time: February 24 to February 28, 2022. Tel: 027-82402457.List of “Demonstration Sites of Learning Lei Feng in Wuhan” (29 in total,Riverbank district in wuhan city in no particular order) “day silk” urban culture and the historical building navigation service station drainage team hubei university macmillan college communist youth league committee of wuhan city jianghan district in wuhan jianghan district Tang Cai Tang Jiadun street community of wuhan rail transit line no. 2 red tianhe airport station wuhan city government affairs center deputy service head site wuhan city state street red building community “small redTwo “sunset learn lei feng action stations zhongnan hospital of wuhan university youth navigation” wuchang “stand for the convenience of wuchang district of wuhan city qingshan district of wuhan city green with youth in space toilet management stations in wuhan hongshan district been li island south street garden community residents committee of wuhan Yangtze university campus communist wuhan textile university blue light studio huangpi district wuhan city real estate registration centre xinzhou district of wuhan city market supervisionAdministration of pan pond market regulation, the wuhan optical valley asset investment management co., LTD., wuhan car construction development co., LTD., wuhan liyuan hospital cardiovascular clinical medical center golden joint railway traffic management bureau of wuhan public security bureau police station of wuhan wuchang funeral home in wuhan wuhan modern agriculture ecological environment propaganda and education center of education center, student affairs office (youth corps committee) the occupational-disease-prevention court in wuhan in wuhan cityOffice of Fixed Assets Investment Audit of National Audit Bureau Wuhan Dongfang Property Service Co., LTD. Citizen’s Home Property Service Center Wuhan Standardization Research Institute Wuhan Zhongshan Park Management Office Wuhan Art Museum Wuhan Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station Duty Team 2 List of “Wuhan Post Learning Lei Feng Model” (30 persons in total,Changyu Hubei SF Express Co., LTD tang Jiadun branch Courier Cheng Fu Hua Wuhan River Sanitation Group Anyi Qing Sanitation Co., LTD Cleaning worker Li Wei Ming Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Professor Hua Shixin Wuhan Qiaokou District Market Supervision Administration Baofeng Institute Director Zheng XiannanThe fifth wuhan hospital emergency department, deputy chief physician, director of the zheng mitsuo Wuchang district of wuhan city a small research group leader, senior teacher xue-li wang fruit lake Wuchang district of wuhan city fruit lake street east pavilion, director of community residents’ committees secretary Song Junmin The state administration of taxation of wuhan chemical industry park revenue for the first point, deputy director of the king of crystal Wuhan city qingshan district first kindergarten teacher CAI jiangHuazhong agricultural university, gardening forestry college party committee deputy secretary of the pan Hongshan district in wuhan city streets in barrier YouKeYuan communities secretary, director of yi lei Wuhan dongxihu teenagers social education activities guidance center, deputy director of the Yin green Wuhan caidian district hanyang one teacher Chen Wuhan caidian district director-general wang d. white crane spring social work service centerWuhan jiangxia district and exquisite parent-child growth association li-xin zhu Huangpi district of wuhan city always piece section chief MeiHuiXiang river levee engineering management Melting media center reporter ZhuPengJu xinzhou district of wuhan city Wuhan optical valley traffic construction co., LTD. (tram operation center of flight team vice captain yong-qiang duan By wuhan zhuankou district public security bureau police station level 4, a senior police officer frequentlyTo wuhan by the open area zhuanyang street north worker community party committee member, committee members xiao jiang The scenic east lake, wuhan, primary grandson of fai Wuhan city public security bureau traffic management team accident prevention and treatment of group a squadron mid-team leader Hou Guolong Wuhan city public security bureau chief political propaganda division level clerk horse accompanied Wuhan water law enforcement team operation department director zhao complaintsred The third hospital in wuhan city burn plastic league branch secretary yu han hui Yellow crane tower in wuhan city park service spots FuWuKe section chief Luo Yan fung Wuhan city planning research and demonstration center announcer jian-kang liu Wuhan city government affairs service and large data administration level 3 section head Chen wen Wuhan metro operation co., LTD., rail transit line 4 cabin team leader Li Hong JiaWuhan Jiangxia District Zhifang Street Little Sunflower Rehabilitation Center special education teacher (source: Wuhan Civilization network) more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.