Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs “science and technology seedling” guide group to weihe investigation

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As temperatures rise gradually, wheat management into the critical period, but last year’s autumn rain weather, weinan parts of winter wheat sowing date delayed,’s overall weak, it’s not, February 16, agricultural NongCunBu committee “combination” of science and technology research in weinan, understand the wheat growth situation, help summer grain harvest this year.At the Chenzhen Family Farm in Huaxi Town, Huayin City, agricultural experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Shaanxi Province formed a technical guidance group and went to the fields to provide technical support for the management of spring wheat fields.The chief expert of wheat industry technology system in Shaanxi Province, professor Zhang Rui from Northwest A&F University explained the technical essentials of wheat strengthening from weak to strong for grass-roots agricultural technicians and grain growers on the spot.He pointed out that at present, the wheat in guanzhong irrigated area has entered the green period, due to the influence of late sowing last year, the seedling situation is generally weak, if there are less than three secondary roots per plant before the end of February, less tillering or no tillering must take certain technical measures.Zhang Rui, Professor of Northwest A&F University:This stage, we need according to the first one is, after the sooner the better, and give priority to with phosphorus fertilizer, ammonium and urea with a, the second in order to improve our efficiency of fertilizer, we need to infuse water or through the deep soil, the fertilizer applied, the third measure is widespread crackdown by everyone because we through repression, we have a soil conservaton warming effect,To make us grow stronger.At the same time, due to the current miao generally weak, Teacher Zhang suggested that the middle of March after the timely, appropriate, suitable miao again chemical weeding, pay attention to the low temperature in the middle of March, to prevent spring cold.It is necessary to strengthen field monitoring and timely prevention and control the common diseases and insect pests such as sheath blight, stem base rot, root rot and underground pests during the period of wheat turning green to jointing.Chen hua hin city huaxi town family farm farmers Chen Bingyu: now I ask you is to say, I this is 3100 acres, the seeding on average a acres is 51 kg seed, you just said diammonium, I want to lay it all drip irrigation, I shop of drip irrigation time to prepare three fertilizer, I use some fertilization, you just said that on that kind of fertilizer, also need not need?Zhang Rui, professor of Northwest A&F University: Not if you can integrate water and fertilizer.Chen Bingyu is a farmer of Chen Zhen family farm in Huaxi Town, Huayin City. He planted 3100 mu of wheat this year, half of which was planted in early November last year. At present, the seedling situation is relatively poor, and there are more single branches and single roots.Chen Bingyu, owner of Chenzhen Family Farm, Huaxi Town, Huayin City, said: “I plan to spread drip irrigation. After drip irrigation, it is equivalent to applying 15 to 20 kilograms of fertilizer per mu of land. It can promote the rapid growth of the seedling stage, achieve high and stable yield, and play a certain effect.It is understood that the current weinan city wheat in the field area of 4.32 million mu, three types of seedlings 2.71 million mu, accounting for 62.7% of the sown area, weak seedlings than perennial more than 40 percentage points.In view of the late sowing of wheat last year, the seedling situation is weaker than in previous years, the city’s agricultural and rural departments set up the “disaster strong management” and “science and technology strong seedling” two action working guidance group, has sent technical personnel to the countryside to guide 3373 people, carry out farmland irrigation 730,000 mu, mechanical suppression 950,000 mu.Combined with the recent weather forecast, the counties and urban areas under the guidance of seedling moisture classification, currently more than 400,000 mu of topfertilizer, to promote wheat tiller and ear, for the summer harvest lay a good foundation.Duan Aiwang, Research Fellow, Institute of Farmland Irrigation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:This is assigned by the department of agriculture, the action is “combination” of science and technology to let’s shaanxi province to do technical guidance and services, and the department of agriculture and rural areas of shaanxi province, then a piece, a piece of research, and then we in a consultation, take a look at what measures we should improve, behind what to do the work, work together to do the job well.Later, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs “science and technology seedling” steering group went to Pucheng County Sun Town, research weinan Academy of Agricultural Sciences “Weimai 9” food production situation.On the second day, the “Science and technology Seedling” guidance group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs went to caocao Village, Yaoshan Town, Pucheng County to check the growth of wheat seedlings on the local water and dry land, and carried out on-site technical training for grass-roots agricultural technology extension personnel and grain growers in relevant counties.In the next step, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of seedling conditions in accordance with the deployment requirements of the special action of “Science and technology strengthening seedling” of winter wheat, and lay the foundation for the summer harvest.Source: Weinan Radio and TELEVISION Agricultural Media Center Editor: Hu Bin First: Tang Hongping final: Zhang Juntao